Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Demand Honesty and Accuracy

It's not just the rhetoric. It's the outrageous LIES and DISTORTIONS.

Pro-choice people have been battling this crap for decades. Now, though, with the cranked-up crankiness of the loathesome Teabaggers and their cheerleaders like FUCKED News, the Tucson massacre was as inevitable as the assassination of Dr George Tiller.

Bruce Gorton puts it like this:
I think the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Gifford was to some extent caused by America’s major political pundits.

And it isn’t hard to see how – they make a habit of doing things like making abortion out to be exactly the same thing as killing babies, immigrants are sold as raping your daughter and stealing your job, and the Democrats as being in support of taxing you in order to do both while killing Grandma.

About 14% of Americans think the current US president may be the anti-Christ. Yeah, I think the guys they rely on for their information may well be a wee bit questionable, and driving the continent towards civil war and anarchy.

And here's a science blogger's thoughts on the matter.
So let's not be so concerned with civility, but instead demand honesty and accuracy. That will serve us far better.



J. A. Baker said...

My (one) comment on the Tucson massacre:


wv="pordis" - a TARDIS for obese people.

fern hill said...

JAB: Yeah, that's about all one can do -- mock or go mad.

deBeauxOs said...

JAB: your link, made clickable.

J. A. Baker said...

dBO: Oops! I forgot that the comment system requires link tags to render URLs as links. Color me embarrassed!

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