Friday, 26 November 2010

In this corner ....

four, five goons in policemen's uniforms.  In the other, a tiny Black woman.

The physical confrontation took place over two years ago; several ProgBloggers have posted the video - which made Justice Richard Lajoie react strongly - released to The Ottawa Citizen, with some portions edited out to preserve Bonds' dignity, as requested by her lawyer. 

The next confrontation between Stacy Bonds and her assailants will take place in court.  To ensure that facts, judicial procedure and logic prevail, NOT brutal thuggery, there needs to be a demand for accountability far beyond the shameful and now habitual displays of sham scrutiny provided by the SIU.  Here's a petition to sign here.

From here

Ottawa police officers displayed a "bad attitude" from the very beginning of a controversial cell block video showing Stacy Bonds being kneed, pinned to the floor and stripped of her shirt and bra, the head of Ottawa's defence lawyers association said Thursday.

"She is the smallest person in the room and the officers losing control of themselves in the situation so quickly is very concerning," said Doug Baum. "Why was there such initial roughness? Why the knee strikes?

"There was a bad attitude here that led to violence and improper procedure," said Baum.

A "bad" attitude?  No kidding.


WILLY said...

No kidding is right. This "Bad" attitude appears to be becoming the normal attitude by our Kevlar coated police forces, whenever they think they can get away with it.

fern hill said...

Ya think we could get Margaret Atwood to sign the petition then tweet about it?

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