Saturday, 16 October 2010

Yo! Torontonians!

I'm getting bloody sick of all the election talk about Toronto being broken and dysfunctional.

Toronto is a great place and One Toronto has the facts.

Back here I said I was going the 'anyone but Rob Ford' route.

I've changed my mind. I'm voting for Joe Pantalone.

Simply, he's much the best choice out of a poor lot.

Besides, having thought about it, I can't vote for Smitherman. He has disgusted me since the adult diaper episode.

So, Torontonians, vote for Smitherman if you think he can beat Ford, but do get your butts out to vote. Election day is October 25, a week from this Monday.

This 'broken, dysfunctional' city has a dandy web page telling you everything you need to know. Just input your address and presto! your polling place, including advance polling place, pops up. Also all the info you need about ID and whatnot.

If you are going to be too busy or out of town, the last advance polling dates are today (Saturday) and Sunday.

And non-Torontonians, please encourage your Toronto friends and relations to get their butts out too.

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the regina mom said...

No, fern, don't promote so-called "strategic voting"! Promote voting your conscience. That will ensure Joe's win. From here on the prairies I can feel the buzz around his campaign. Build the Toronto Stampede!

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