Friday, 1 October 2010

Too. Much. Red.

Check it out. It's the New©™ Globe & Mail, tarted up. The Grey Lady is now Ravishing Red.

Sadly enough for its well-read and thoughtful subscribers, the New©™ Globe & Mail has been transformed into a magloid: chock full of publireportages and infotainment.

Except for its ace card, 'Report on Business' of course. No longer a mere section, Business is now the G&M's raison d'être, the logical consequence of John Stackhouse - who once was its editor - taking control of the publication's content.

Out with Rick Salutin and Tabatha Southey. They're far too principled, rigorous and journalistic for the New©™ Globe & Mail's intended readership, the glitterati, financiers and "captains of industry" as they were called in the 19th century, aka "robber barons". Mags Wente, Irshad Manji, Rex Murphy and Christie Blatchford get the code. They've sensed blood in the water and as long as it's not their own they'll do fine.

The New©™ Globe and Mail and its editor-in-chief have their eyes on the gold ring: uniting Toronto and Calgary's moneyed elite in the universal mantra: Greed is Good!


Dr.Dawg said...

What a fine piece of writing--excellent summation.

Antonia Z said...

Um, Rex Murphy is at the Post now.

Chet Scoville said...

Manji's entire debut column is basically, "Dude, I've got money; I totally belong at this paper." It's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

The G&M, which mightily endorsed Harper in the last election, is ravishing red and the Toronto Star, often castigated by Cons supporters, is ravishing blue: No wonder we are all confused, eh?

It was a great disappointment losing these two journalists. However, unless there is a drop in their readership, I doubt it would matter to them.

I stopped my subscription to The Nat. Post a long time ago because I felt that I was essentially reading Cons party talking points. I do, however, notice that the Nat. Post interestingly has been publishing articles critical of the government for some time now. Maybe they might go ravishing orange or green, just to confuse us more.

Anonymous said...

The Grope & Fail lost all credibility for me when the editorial board allowed Marcus Gee to continue contributing columns about the righteousness of the US invasion of Iraq several months after it had been proven to be based on lies. I think Gee may have been one of the last op-ed monkeys in North America not employed by Rupert Murdoch to continue the cheer-leading.

Not one of the other columnists, none of the reporters and no editorial page ever took him to task for flat out lying about all of it either. They demoted him sure but all that means is he gets to continue lying about other matters as he wishes to.

The paper has no credibility any more. None. Zero. Zip. Not that any other paper does either mind you.

None of them have any stake in democracy or justice or any of the other things that newspapers have been traditionally valued for.

They're all about selling ad space and acquiring subscribers and keeping the challenges manageable. Not only their own challenges but those facing our country and world as well. Some like to say they promote fear - that's wrong. They promote passivity.

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