Monday, 11 October 2010

My, my, my. . .

How the twisted bastards reveal themselves.

In a whiney lament in the Notional Pest titled Anti-abortion movement continues to be stuck in neutral, author 'Father' Tim Moyle tries to offer some hope for the future.

Fetus fetishists have put great faith (hee) in ultrasounds/sonograms, thinking that when women see what looks like a lima bean in a muddy pond, they'll get all squishy and shrieeek 'That's my lima bean!' Catlick charities raise money and waste it on ultrasound machines that serve no medical purpose in fake pregnancy clinics.

All this despite the association of fetal ultrasound with autism. And despite the fact that when the Netherlands began offering ultrasounds to every woman at 20 weeks, the number of late abortions doubled.

Nonetheless, Moyle blows the ultrasound whistle again, but look at the language:
Sonograms have pierced the veil of the uterus . . .

Yeesh. That's just creepy.

But revealing, yes?


Fr. Tim Moyle said...

Thanks for the promo! You've helped to bring my message to many... especially when others picked it up on various company websites promoting ultrasound equipment.

Fr. Tim Moyle

fern hill said...

There aren't many here susceptible to your message, but you're welcome for my promo of your misogyny.

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