Monday, 25 October 2010

A Match Made in . . .

. . . FetusFetishist Heaven?

From Amanda Hess:
Randall Terry—he of the chain yourself to the sink of an abortion clinic, declare bankruptcy to avoid making legal payments to the National Organization for Women, run for Congress under the "Right to Life Party," hire a Bill Clinton impersonator to discredit your opponents, compare the University of Notre Dame to Judas, list your "three black foster children" on your resume, disown one for converting to Islam, disown another for becoming pregnant, disown the third for being gay, respond to George Tiller's murder by calling Tiller a murderer style of politics—is now officially campaign manager for D.C. congressional candidate Missy Smith.

Missy Smith's campaign seems to consist solely of running VERY graphic anti-abortion pr0n ads on local Washington, DC, telly stations, as they must do during elections.

Here's her biography from her equally graphic website:
As a post abortive woman she is a member of Silent No More and state leader of Operation Outcry. She started the Gabriel Project and Project Rachael [sic???]* in Washington D.C. at her parish church of Annunciation. Did a film called "How Can I Breathe ?" which ran on satelite [sic] television station EWTN for 2 1/2 years. Spoke at churches and schools. Gave interviews in newspapers and magazines on the trafficking of baby body parts. Does sidewalk counseling in front of the killing centers and gives sidewalk counseling training sessions. Is on the board of Lifeguard which is a front line organization committed to being the last line of resistence [sic] before a woman has her baby killed. Co-founded St. Anne's Helpers for Life to finance and support women in crisis pregnancies long term. Started a chastity program called "Chastity Programs International" when she realized that the foundation of the pro life movement was the return to the virtues of chastity and purity. Has lobbied congress and demonstrated against Obama, Biden and the USCCB against the support of legalized child killing. Has a radio show on National Pro Life Radio called "Chastity the New Sexual Revolution" for over two years that interviews the pro life heroes across the nation.

She's running on the Rethuglican ticket even though the party has NOT endorsed her. And she has not got funding from the rabidly anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List.

Yabbut, she's got nutbar Randall Terry, so it's all good.

* Not the best speller is she? Or maybe it's her campaign manager? Anyhoo, thre are several Project Rachels about, but no Project Rachael that I could find.

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k'in said...

What goes around comes around.

The Republicans created Fetustein's monster. They were happy to pander to the anti-choice crowd in order to get the wingnut vote. Now the batshitcrazies are taking over the GOP. Sucks to be them.

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