Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If Iggy Lost Canada the UN Security Council Seat. . . .

Doesn't that mean Iggy has more clout with international leaders than Stevie Peevie?

Surely even die-hard Cons can't help but giggle when the ever-classy Soudas flaps his gums and comes out with this:
Mr. Harper's office wasted little time assigning blame for the disappointment, placing it at the feet of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

“I would say a big deciding factor was the fact that Canada's bid did not have unity because we had Mr. Ignatieff questioning and opposing Canada's bid,” Dimitri Soudas, Harper's communications director, told The Canadian Press.

“That was a factor that played ultimately against Canada because people outside of Canada were saying, ‘Well, Germany and Portugal have a united front, their opposition and their governments seem to be fully, 100 per cent behind this bid.’

“Canada did not have that required advantage. We had an Opposition Leader that opposed Canada and clearly was not in it for Canada on this one.”

'Big deciding factor'. Yeah, right. Like any of the delegates even know who the Canadian Opposition leader is, let alone what he said.

Quick, what's the name of the opposition leader in Germany? Portugal?

Stevie Spiteful hates Canada and now, because of him, so do a lot of other countries.

Bonus: here's Lawrence Loose Cannon singing the same idiotic little ditty.

More bonus: CP quotes more from Soudas:
As for suggestions that the Harper government's unabashed support for Israel may have cost Canada support from Arab countries, Soudas said:

"Throughout the duration of this bid, we did not barter our principled foreign policy, be it on Iran, be it on North Korea, be it on any topic . . . Canadians have values such as democracy, human rights and the rule of law and those values were not bartered or jeopardized at any time."

WTF? And Germany's and/or Portugal's values were bartered?????????

Soudas said Ignatieff's accusation that the Harper government has ignored the United Nations is "false."

"It's a long-standing policy that outside of our borders, we all present a united front and in this case Mr. Ignatieff chose to oppose Canada. . . Once again it shows that Mr. Ignatieff, quite frankly, does not view these issues through the prism of what's best for Canada. He views them through the prism of what's best for him."

Bwahahahahaha. Pot. Kettle.


double nickel said...

The Reformacons have not had a good week. But I have :)

Kim said...

And China? Did he uphold our high standards of human rights there?

fern hill said...

I just heard CBC Radio news. The reporter said that not one of the UN delegates he asked had heard of Ignatieff's comment. Not. One.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking that is Obama's pay back.

Brenda said...

I am happy that Germany finally got elected to be a non-permanent member. Germany has always supported the UN in the last decades and we pay the third highest due of all the UN members. We deserve this seat.

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