Thursday, 21 October 2010

Feminist Blogggers WIN!

For the first time ever, there is a Feminist Category in the Canadian Blog Awards!

This year's organizer, Jonathan Kleiman, starts out with a bit of an understatement:
In the past, there has been some disagreement about whether there should be a special category for Feminist blogs.

Boy howdy.

Just like that, feminist bloggers are through to the second and final round.

You can find links to the blogs here. And, of course, discover new and fun blogs.

Vote here. And vote for the other categories here.

You can vote once every 24 hours.

Vote and promote our WIN.

Aside to the boyos: See how easy that was?


JJ said...

I only have one question: why was this so easy now, but such a seemingly insurmountable task 2 years ago? I confooooosed.

Also, thanks for the heads up -- I had forgotten that you could vote every 24.

fern hill said...

Simple answer, JJ: new admin, open to reason and sense. A lawyer named Jonathan Kleiman. Good guy and perhaps contender for the Support Bro award if/when we do the F-Word Awards again.

Beijing York said...

Hey, I didn't know about the 24 hr rule. Very cool.

Saskboy said...

It's not for the first time, sorry, that's just incorrect.

fern hill said...

Okey dokey. I sit corrected. For the first time since I've been blogging.

When was the previous one or more?

Saskboy said...

2008 possibly, I don't recall at the moment, but certainly was in 2009.

fern hill said...

No, you're wrong Saskboy or the CBA website is wrong.

Finalists and winners for 2009: no feminist category.

You gotta go back to the memorable year 2008 to find a 'feminist' category. That was the year the nominations were freeped by the rightwingnutz and an anonymous 'women's studies' expert was brought in to sift through real and unreal feminist nominations. During the process JJ was booted as insufficiently feminist, while the self-declared non-feminist Whatshername at Choice for Childcare was left in and ultimately came in second beating out AntoniaZ.

You'll also recall that the whole process was somewhat tainted as many, many bloggers -- all the feminazis and their allies -- boycotted it.

But you are right in pointing out that 2010 was not the first time ever for a feminist category. It was the first time ever for a legit feminist category.

deBeauxOs said...

2008 ... oh wait, wasn't that the year that you - yes you sackboy - encouraged nominations to the Feminist Award category from avowed anti-feminist bloggers?

Funny how that didn't happen in other categories.

saskboy said...

Fern Hill, I think Jon changed the CBA website and possibly lost some content? In any case, thank you for accepting the correction about it not being the first time.


"Funny how that didn't happen in other categories. "

Actually, an anti-science blogger ended up in the Science and Tech category too, we were short on volunteers to comb through every nominated blog. I also didn't encourage nominations from anti-feminists, they got it into their heads on their own to use the CBAs as a platform to irritate the sense out of you and many others (me included).

deBeauxOs, you'd think after all these years you could spell my ID correctly, or does name calling simply reflect your level of maturity?

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