Friday, 10 September 2010

Win/win for Republicans. (Update)

As pastor Jones continues his flip-flop about whether or not he will burn a pile of qu'rans tomorrow, teabaggers and other fringe elements in the Republican party are jubilating.

If Obama does nothing, they win. If he stops the event, they win.

Local health authorities in Gainesville should consider taking Jones into custody for a psychiatric examination. Someone who enjoys sucking up media attention as he does - and doesn't have the excuse that he's an entertainment figure with a product to flog or a politician seeking public office - without regard for the violent consequences his actions will trigger, must have a couple of screws loose.

Here and there, individuals in the media are raising valid and thoughtful points about this event, instead of throwing fuel on the fire, as it were.

My prediction: if Terry Jones is not found to be mentally incompetent and stuck in a padded room for an indeterminate time, the Tea Party Hatriots will recruit him to run for political office.

Update: Terry Jones's daughter still lives in Germany. Spiegel interviewed her.

Q: It is true, then, that the church in Cologne ousted your father itself?
Jones: Yes.

Q: Did he leave Cologne willingly?
Jones: It was a mixture. We confronted him and demanded that he correct his errors. But he didn't give in. When we brought up the church finances, he disappeared the next day.

Q: Are you still involved with the church that he left behind? Jones: No.

Q: Do you believe your father is serious about burning the Korans?
Jones: I do. My father is not one to give up. As his daughter, I can see the good-natured core deep inside him. But I think he needs help.

Q: Is your father a megalomaniac?
Jones: I'm afraid he is. As his daughter, it is difficult for me to say that. [...] I don't know what's going through his head. I think he has gone crazy. But I am convinced that he thinks his plan is both correct and good.

Q: He has indicated that the final decision will be imparted to him by God. Does he see himself as someone who is in constant contact with God?
Jones: Yes. He was constantly comparing himself with Moses.

Who will take responsibility for ensuring Terry Jones gets medical care?

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JJ said...

Ha! Why not? He isn't much crazier than some of their other candidates.

But it kind of makes you wonder if he has loose screws or if he's crazy like a fox... if Sharron Angle could make it to the Senate, so could this guy.

On the other hand, it's not an either/or question, is it. The answer could be "(c) Both of the above"

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