Saturday, 4 September 2010

When CanWest starts investigating Con lies ...

the tide has finally turned against Harper's ReformaTory government.

In his recent visit to the Arctic, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned that Canada must remain vigilant because of "foreign aircraft probing the skies."

But statistics requested by the Ottawa Citizen from the joint Canadian-U.S. North American Aerospace Defence Command show that at their high point in 2008, Russian aircraft only made a total of five flights near Canadian territory.

In 2007, when the Russians resumed such patrols, they flew near Canadian airspace four times. In 2008, it was five times, and in 2009, three times. So far in 2010, they have made three flights near Canadian airspace. In all cases, the Russian aircraft were shadowed by Canadian fighters.

Darn. The Russians aren't coming after all to liberate us from the tinpot dictator and glorious leader of all Con jobs.

Freud and his acolytes would have a field day, however, decoding Stevie Spiteful's words and his need for, as well as Petey MacKay's obsession with, big, shiny, flying and probing objects.

And also - read the excellent series of posts Dave has written about the F-35 purchase that Stevie's Politburo is desperately trying to spin, at The Galloping Beaver.


Wall Flower Studio said...

Well, reaching back to Grade 13 social studies and man in society courses, I'd have to say Freud with think Harper and Mackay have penis envy. That's the long and short of it. ; )

Dave said...

Thanks for the link! I might add though that Boris wrote as much as or more than I on the F-35. This has been a tag-team event. :)

boomy said...

The sad thing, is that Peewee Harper actually thinks he is pulling one over on most of us. That our Prime Minister, is that out of touch with reality, is the truly unfortunate aspect of his failed PR attempts.

But, he is still PM!

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