Thursday, 16 September 2010

A subtle though sulfurous stench of anti-semitism

Two weeks ago Blob Blogging Wingnut defended in the comments to this blogpost, DooDooCanSmell's description of Mayor Bloomberg of New York City as a
"money-loving Jew who has sold his soul"
The Fetus©™ fetishist SUZIE CAPS-ON is currently regurgitating truthiness from LiesSite regarding Dr Bernard Norman Barwin and allegations against him, calling him 'pro-abort' and observing:
"There appears to be a pattern of dishonesty here."
The least contentious account of the facts of the litigation case is found here.
An Ottawa fertility doctor is being sued for allegedly mixing up sperm samples and inseminating the wrong one into two of his patients.

Trudy Moore launched a civil lawsuit against Bernard Norman Barwin last year after she learned that her daughter, Samantha, is not a genetic match to her husband, Matthew Guest, the statement of claim said. Recently, another woman also came forward and filed a statement of claim against Dr. Barwin.

Jacqueline Slinn found out in April that her five-year-old daughter Bridget is not a genetic match to her intended sperm donor, the statement said.
Other "news" gathering agencies mention several times that lawyers have petitioned the judge to force Dr Barwin to provide sperm, in order to verify if his DNA 'contaminated' samples from other donors. From Natsy Post:

Lawyers for two families suing a well-known Ottawa fertility doctor for allegedly using the wrong sperm samples to create their children say they believe other patients of the clinic may be in for a surprise.

Dr. Bernard Norman Barwin and the Broadview Fertility Clinic, which he owns, are the targets of two lawsuits launched in Ontario Superior Court seeking a combined $3-million in damages for “heightened anxiety, depression and frustration,” among other things, suffered by the families.

I expect in HER next screed Blob Blogging Wingnut will remind us that Doctors Barwin and Morgentaler are both pro-choice AND jews.


As for Jacqueline Slinn, given the "
heightened anxiety, depression and frustration" she claims as well as the MASSIVE embarrassment she's inflicting upon her daughter, she should petition OHIP to cover the nose job she probably fears her daughter will need.


Niles said...

It's a 'sex' case involving 'good' women (and a man who was cuckolded of his genetic descendant), so naturally, it's one that gains attention, but as the Post says, nothing's been proven in court.

The fact there are those willing to condemn in the court of public opinion and use the presumption to beat their own drums doesn't change that the courts are entertaining this suit.

It does however speak to our anxieties about continuing direct genetic lines and having control over our reproductive choices, however unsettling others might find them. In the long run, not having genetic offspring is no biggie to the species, but individually? It's a biiiig primal impulse for the vast majority of humanity.

To have a reproductive decision, control and effort literally fu**ed over by an outsider imposing their control and decisions from a greater authority you needed to trust, that's double plus ungood. Since there are precedents in the reproductive medical field of such imposition happening, I think it would sincerely fall under anxiety, depression and frustration until there's enough accountability to explain the WTF. If it's bad science, then let it be bad science. If it's criminality, let's find that out as well.

But then, I think "The Switch" is a creepy, CREEPY, premise for a ha-ha film.

Oh, for rh- parents having an rh+ child, this seems a reliable site.

deBeauxOs said...

Good points, Niles. In fact, the couple - and I would feel just as much empathy if it were two men with their genetic donor/mère porteuse being one of the guys' sister - gets my support and understanding for their plight.

But Blob Blogging Wingnut's sleazy insinuations and Slinn's outrage? Something smells foul there.

Niles said...

If BBW wants to gin this up into 'Mr-Poster-Boy-for-Planned-Parenthood-as-he-falls-so-falls-all-the-credibility-of-PP-and-all-pro-aborts', she's going to do it no matter how innocent the man is. She is a professional stink. All it needs is the J'accuse on page 1. I wouldn't doubt she lights candles enough to burn the house down when she gets *that* lucky about her targets. Let her roar down that dusty NWO road, ALL-CAPS blaring out the opened windows. The dirt looks good on her-and-all-religiously-motivated-christian-zealots.

But, I'm a bit lost DBO. Where is Slinn's outrage marked? She's noted as having tested her daughter after joining a genetic sibling club. She somehow allegedly acquired a reportedly contaminated vial of alleged sperm alleged to belong to the donor who's genetics she thought she was acquiring. She allegedly is not alone in discovering purported half-siblings of the same genetic material were not genetically related at all. She allegedly discovered herself a victim of fraud on a very basic physical and psychological level (ie: she fu**ed up, she trusted the system to which she turned for reproductive help).

I'm sorry, but if any member of my family was hit by extremely personal level incompetency or gamed by willful fraud, I'd be stuck in the red on the outrage meter. I'm not reading any excess spittle on Slinn's part, at least in what I'm finding in the links. (haven't checked lifesite. can'

Is the push of the suit to demand the doctor's own dna what you find over the top? Do you think that's a political move? I'm reading an attempt to take culpability to a higher payout grade in the suit.

However, this is a civil suit (malpractise? or is that separate?), not criminal charges, so from an outsider perspective, I'm a bit curious about lack of The Law(tm) being brought to bear on someone who *allegedly* was playing All Knowing All-Father.

On the flip side, I find it highly amusing the Usual Suspects are being outraged about alleged interference and imposition by people playing Ghod into reproductive choices made by desperate people.

It's even more ironic if as, the subtle phrasing seems to indicate, Slinn is a single parent. The other couple used a sister-surrogate in a clinical menage a trois. Aren't both lifestyles frowned upon by the lifesiter crowd? Aren't people supposed to accept the naturalness of pregnancy, or barreness as God provides? Of course, the bible references taking extra wives when the first is barren. No, wait.

Yeah, ok, I'm rambling.

deBeauxOs said...

As my daughter was growing up, I delighted in the familiarity of some of her traits. She is uniquely and totally her own person, yet she displayed her paternal grandmother's smile, her maternal grandfather's interest in science, her uncle's artistic talents, her maternal grandmother's intensity, her aunt's awesome ability to gather a disparate bunch of people into a genuine collaborative team, her dad's perseverance, her mom's sense of playfulness.

The couple who launched the suit against Barwin were deprived of that joy and they are angry, they seek redress from the courts.

Slinn's motives are murky, imho. Perhaps I'm cynical but I see in the demand for Barwin to submit a sperm sample a distinctive flag of anti-semitism.

If the plaintiffs' focus was on the sloppy management of the sperm samples, my radar wouldn't have gone off. There's something else happening, particularly with Slinn I think.

Luna said...

Maybe her baby looks like the doctor. Or maybe she's reminded of that case a few years back where the doc was using only his own sperm.

I must be the opposite of cynical on this one. Or maybe anti-semitism is so far off my radar I can't fathom it, but this seems to me to be a case of her wanting to be able to blame it on nefariousness (perhaps for a larger settlement) than on mistake.

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