Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ooops - the plates come a-crashing down.

Back in the 1950s - those years fundamentalist christians and various rightwing neo-cons believe to be the golden era of the 20th century - plate spinners were standard fare on variety shows like Ed Sullivan.

Harper's New©™ Government has deployed the same diverting qualities as professional plate-spinners since it lurched into Parliament. Minority after minority, Stevie Spiteful and his bunch of goons and bullies have whirled and twirled information to suit their propaganda needs in order to hold on to political power.

Events in the last year have cranked up the frenzy level in the PMO as minions scurry about to control the spinning: the second prorogation and the backlash it engendered, the ersatz maternal health initiative and the fall-out, the G8/G20 horror show, the long-form census questionnaire trashing and the tentative Québec sports stadium funding.

But Teneycke's recent gaffes - first with his opinion piece on the Avaaz petition and then with his NRA 'freudian lingerie" - may finally have taken down the precision-spinning efforts of Emperor Steve the First and his own little politburo.


Breaking news: Teneycke has resigned from his position with Quebecor.

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