Thursday, 2 September 2010

Nobody Cares about the Census, eh?

Looky here. Libs and ReformaTories are tied.
The Tory largesse to which Mr. Graves refers is, of course, the census. For weeks now it has dogged the Conservatives, gradually picking away at the party’s support, even with its own supporters.

“This seemingly obscure action has set in motion a chain of responses, which has managed to awaken the erstwhile dormant knowledge and professional classes,” the pollster said. “Virtually all of the shift in the political landscape has occurred with the movement of the highly educated.”

Previous EKOS surveys have shown that university-educated Canadians are leaving the Tory fold for the Liberals because of the census.

And though Graves doesn't explicitly say so, I'd betcha that a lot of Canadians have finally had enough of the idiotic Con spin on the reasons for ditching the census, including my fave, Soudas's charge that keeping it is an elitist Liberal plot.

And more good news from the poll!
But what should be more disturbing for Mr. Harper and his Conservative team are the concerns with the direction he is taking the government.

The poll shows 40.6 per cent of Canadians say it is going in the right direction; 48.2 per cent say it is going in the wrong direction. “Obviously, the census itself isn't a ballot booth issue but it has stoked concerns about the values and management style of the current government.”

Graves ends with a funny:
The pollster notes, too, that the parties were tied last fall. But that was before the Prime Minister’s virtuoso performance of a Beatles tune at a National Arts Centre gala, after which the Tories surged to a 16-poin lead in the polls last October.

“Perhaps the PM should consider rebooking the NAC for return engagement,” Mr. Graves said.

He might have to change the lyrics a little to 'With a helluva lot of help from my friends'.

By the way, the number of organizations, governments, and prominent individuals who want to retain the long form is continuing to grow, while the number of troglodytes remains the same. Score: 341 to 11.


Pseudz said...

'Knock-wood' that this is the beginning of a trend that ends in a soon-called election and an end to the CRAP.

Perhaps the electorate's apparent reluctance to hand any party much encouragement indicates that they won't be so easily manipulated this time by bullshit about coalition government.

Beijing York said...

Poor Harper, he just can't dumb down Canada fast enough. Let's hope that the majority of Canadians have the good sense to identify themselves with the knowledgeable/professional label, and not pride themselves in being like those ignorant tea baggers in the US.

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