Monday, 13 September 2010

Conservative Backlash!

Good news. Another NDP MP will vote to keep the long-gun registry.

But what really gladdened this despairing old heart was this line:
A Conservative backlash is driving more New Democrats MPs into the pro-gun registry camp, the Toronto Star has learned.

Conservative backlash. Doesn't that sound lovely? Wouldn't you love to see it on every newspaper and blog in the land? On the lips of every commentator and pundit?

Conservative backlash = enough people are finally finally f*cking sick to death of these goons.

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Beijing York said...

Still no word from Niki Ashton :-(

Jim Maloway is striking me as more and more of an asshole.

Got a request for $$$ from Jack Layton as he tours the West. Here is my short response to the fundraising bot:

We’ll see what happens on September 22nd. Should the registry cease to exist, my $$$ and vote will go elsewhere.

I copied my messages to Jim Maloway and Niki Ashton to Jack and my MP Pat Martin. Only Pat had the decency to respond.

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