Saturday, 14 August 2010

We say newsworthy, Stalinist Steve's Politburo says "media generated event".

We say legal obligation - the Cons say concession.

We say endangering public safety by covert deregulation - they say the private sector will manage those risks.

We say better resources for preventing and reporting crime - they say more and bigger prisons.

We say intrusive prying into people's lives - they say the means justifies the end.

We say speak out - they say STFU.

We say MASSIVE Con Job - they say Harper's New©™ Government.

Isn't it time for Canadian voters to call off Stevie Spiteful and his subversion of democracy public affair with Stalinism?

Thanks to the goddess who brought Chet back to blogging at The Vanity Press - one of his posts inspired me to present today's episode of 'We say - the Cons say'.

Please contribute more examples.

And I forgot to give credit to this Scott's Diatribes post where the Cons spin term 'media generated event' is mentioned.


Beijing York said...

We say greater support for NGOs – they say FBOs deserve millions in funding.

(Note this is only one of many faith-based [read predominantly non-denominational xtian] groups to receive tons of funding by this government.)

Dr.Dawg said...

We say,"admit the Tamil refugees"; Vic Toews says, "None is too many."

Niles said...

We say voluntary doesn't work, they say hey the short form's man-whoops, was a boring conversation anyway.

Seriously, who votes for these guys?????? Why????

vw: equacess - the stinky pool where the Cons have dragged us all down into where they're trying to drown government worth in a bathtub.

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