Wednesday, 4 August 2010

They're making a movie, you see?

At Willy's FFIB and Impolitical, we read that Stevie Grudgiepants' PMO - also known as Harper's Politburo - said:
it is "extremely disappointed" federal funds went to a theatre festival that will stage a play this week that features, in the words of the playwright, a "sympathetic portrayal" of a convicted terrorist [...] Catherine Frid's one-act play "Homegrown" opens Thursday night in Toronto as part of the Summerworks theatre festival [which] received $35,000 in federal funding to mount "Homegrown" and 41 other one-act plays.
No surprise there - remember, the young Spiteful told Susan Crean, the co-author of 'Two Nations' with Quebec activist/sociologist Marcel Rioux: "You should not have been allowed to write that book."

First the Con-Fabulators trash the long-form census questionnaire because they don't want to be accountable to pesky data, facts and scientific stuff. Then they morph into the Con-Jecters©™ who insist their ill-conceived program to build mega-jails is valid, using ancient (2004?) StatsCan info to craft a story that fits their ideological needs. Stockwell "Doris" Day's performance yesterday left media and most folks thinking WTF that all about?

Everything the ReformaTory cabal does is scripted for the screen and for the glory posterity of their narcissist/sociopath leader. Oh, and the Party too.

It's not about the troops, the economy or even governing, stupid!

It's all about the narrative. They're making a movie, you see.

With our tax munee.

Here's someone who was way ahead of the curve: the dazzling and prescient genius of Joe Hall et Le Drift Continental.


Beijing York said...

Nice choice of video, dBO. I remember seeing The Continental Drift back in the day. RIP Paul Quarrington.

Speaking of which, here is a clip from last year, featuring Paul profiling Joe, from Moving Stories TV:

Dr.Dawg said...

I love Joe Hall--what a mad talent! Many thanks for finding this. Fits with the post, too.

Harper might do the Beatles, but he could never do Joe Hall.

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