Saturday, 28 August 2010

Canadian Teabaggers

Wow. The Boston Globe takes note of the census kerfuffle.

Oh. Wait. Their census kerfuffle.
The Republican National Committee’s new attack on the US Census is so nakedly transparent that you almost want to avert your eyes.

The charge is being led by Teabaggers, you know, those intellectual giants who believe that Barack Obama is Muslim and not US-born.

Back here at home, not surprisingly, Canadian marketers are opposed to making the long-form census voluntary.

But somewhat surprisingly, the pres of the Canadian Marketing Association states that the census is less intrusive than other methods of information gathering -- and he'd know about other methods, wouldn't he?
Also, in an open letter written to Minister Clement, whose department is responsible for Statistics Canada, CMA president and ceo John Gustavson pointed out that “With respect to the suggestion that the long form is intrusive, this information enables marketers to reach consumers more effectively and reduce considerably the amount of communication an individual receives.”

“I would therefore respectfully suggest that the long form census does, in fact, limit intrusion into individuals' lives by reducing irrelevant marketing and market surveys that would otherwise be sent to consumers,” said Gustavson.

The article also quotes Jan Kestle of Environics, who notes the damage poor data does to business competitiveness.
“It is ironic that, in these challenging economic times, a decision that is ostensibly being made for the good of Canadians may very well have a severe impact on the competitiveness of Canadian businesses,” Kestle added. “Consumer marketers have invested significant resources during the past 15 years to tailor marketing to smaller and smaller segments; one-to-one marketing is on everyone’s agenda. Consumers expect products and services to be tailored to their needs. This decision will make it harder for businesses to meet the needs of the increasingly complex and discriminating consumer marketplace.”

So, when you're arguing with friends and co-workers or on-line strangers who want to scrap the long-form census, these are a couple of more arrows to your quiver.

Or you could just call them ignorant Canadian Teabaggers.

I think I'm going with the latter from now on.

To wit: Former BC deputy health minister Lawrie McFarlane: The census is torture.
“It's almost like the argument for water boarding: if you water board enough people, they will tell you something,” Mr. McFarlane said.

This is the best the ReformaTories could come up with?

BONUS: (same Globe link) Some Calgary talkshow host named Dave Rutherford was confused:
"I agree with the democratic process in this country ... and because I participate in democracy, I am here,” he said. “But other than that, I don’t know why I am here.”



Niles said...

The Rutherford stuff is hilarious. DR is a local Calgary talkradio host. He's no Rush L, but he's very rightwing (or at least on air he's very rightwing) and he rules the rightwing air waves in the province. He's not an idiot.

If that lukewarm "WTF" is the best *he* can do on being called into the middle of this smoke and mirrors act, it seems he's there not for his personal views, but so the government can connect favorably with his listening audience. It takes about 30 seconds of listening in to callers, to realize his audience is the legendary 'core' of +/- 25percent that follows Harper blindly as rightwing authoritarian minions.

I mean, the committee Con MP has to reassure Rutherford it's important he be there????

Dave Taylor was the local progressive talk radio counterpart to Dave Rutherford. He became frustrated enough with things that he gave up his radio job to run in local politics. He became a provincial Liberal in Calgary, a thankless task, and is now sitting as an Independent, trying to be heard. I notice neither he nor any of his fellow travellers in radio have been called forth to this little committee. But I guess that radio audience is not 'real, average' Canadians.

ck said...

Here, talk radio hosts aren't much better, more specifically, one in particular: Tommy "I don't wanna pay any taxes, I used to be gay, but now Orthodox Judaism and Zionism has cured me" Schnurmacher has weighed in on the great census debate. He thinks Stats Can is just another drain on his tax dollars, thus and impediment on his quest to get richer than he already is.

Yeah, Fern, I'm with you there. There are better ways to raise your blood pressure: they're simply "ignorant Canadian Tea-baggers"

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