Thursday, 22 July 2010

Why does Stevie Peevie Hate Women?

Stevie Grudgiepants and Helena in happier days.

He uses his (like the cats for whom he affects affection, everything human exists to serve his own needs) female ministers / members of his Cabinet as decorative props behind his seat in the House of Commons.

But when they do something which may be an embarasment to him, he banishes them.

From here:
NDP MP Pat Martin said at the very least Harper owes Guergis an apology “and he may well owe her an out-of-court settlement.”

“He has not just kicked her out of cabinet but also left her political career in tatters,” Martin said.

Martin said Harper owes it to Canadians to tell them what “could possibly be so unforgiveable and heinous that you not only kick someone out of cabinet, you drop-kick them from the party and you effectively destroy their employability and their career.”

Martin said he was astonished that the PMO is now taking the view that Guergis should be held responsible for the alleged sins of her husband.

“This is an appalling double standard and I can guarantee you if this was a male (Conservative) cabinet minister and the wife was associating with some unsavory characters, that wouldn’t cost him his career. Not in a million years,” Martin said.

RCMP Sergeant Stéphane Turgeon confirmed to the Star that the investigation is over and no charges are being laid.

“The RCMP has concluded its file and we advised the complainant, which is the Prime Minister’s Office, and Mrs. Guergis privately in writing, of the result of the investigation . . . and there is no further action being taken on this file . . . there is no announcement of any charges,” Turgeon said.

Guergis is fighting the Conservative Party’s decision to deny her the nomination as MP candidate in Simcoe-Grey for the next election.

“In recent weeks, in essence, I have been charged, convicted, and sentenced without any due process or knowing what I have done wrong,” she said in a letter in May to Conservative executive director Dan Hilton.

“There have been endless rumours and allegations unfairly levelled against me, but to date I have not been given a specific reason for my removal from caucus nor has there been any investigation launched, let alone concluded.”

What other female members of the ReformaTory caucus has His Imperiousness punished or belittled?

Belinda Stronach, certainly.

Diane Ablonczy, too. And we still don't know what role he played in the famous debacle launched by Senator Nancy Ruth when she conveyed the message that women'groups should just STFU in order not to vex his Imperial Peevishness.


ck said...

Gawd what a big belly he has! I thought I was overweight. Steve could well weigh more than me!

As for Helena, why would she want back into Harpercon caucus after the way he treated her? If I were her; I'd tell him to f*ck the hell off, and continue sitting as an independent or court other parties. going back to him, let alone begging him to come back, well, it's just...pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Any upright neo-con will tell you "a woman's place is in the home"!

deBeauxOs said...

You can understand when you see that candid shot of Stevie Spiteful taken by one of Guergis' riding residents why he now travels with his own clothes stylist and photographer - the better to ensure that unsightly bulges remain out of sight.

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