Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Solberg regurgitates Con speaking points.

Monte Solberg may be the first ReformaTory Attack Parrot™© to get his party's propaganda in print, but he won't be the last.

The Con-fabulators can also rely on services provided by Blatchie -
she who lectures journalists who presented first-person accounts of what they experienced at ground zero during the G-20 at the hands of riot police goons about professional standards - to repeat the truthiness that's fed to her.

Here, for example. And most memorably this report, where Blatchie submitted with impunity the big fat lies 'leaked' by her overlords.

Grand merci to our much-admired commenter Niles for the heads-up and his observations, always judicious.


Anonymous said...

I hope the police snatch Solberg and Blatchford from their beds at 3:00 a.m., lock them in a rat cage for 23 hours, and then proceed to beat them with John Pruyn's stolen artificial leg.

Soulless twits.

Pseudz said...

The CBC radio's 6:00 PM 'The World at Six' wrapped up with a characterization of the calls for a public inquiry into police activities around the G20 as "strident".

Urgent? Yes. Energetic? yeah. In increasing numbers? Uhn huhn. Alarmed? You betcha. But for me, strident as a modifier carries a sad whiff of whacko impotence. I hope that I'm wrong.

fern hill said...

Remember 'conjugate the adjective'? Usual example: I'm firm, you're stubborn, he's a pig-headed fool

'Strident' comes in the middle of: I'm adamant, you're strident, she's shrill. And note, it is almost inevitably 'she'.

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