Sunday, 11 July 2010

Shut the F*ck Up!

I live on the edge of Kensington Market in Toronto. Every World Cup, I discover that I'm living in a new 'Little' Someplace. This year, it seems Little Spain replaces Little Brazil or whateverthefuckitwas last time.

Some observations:
1. Vuvuzelas are more tolerable than whistles.

2. Gasoline isn't nearly expensive enough.

3. If the cops need another kettling exercise, I'd totally be behind one right now at College and Bathurst.

I was really rooting for the Dutch, who were planning to party on King Street.


stageleft said...

If only I had known...... 3 weeks ago we were sitting in Graffiti's enjoying a cold one and listening to a pretty darned decent piano player/singer.

Msybe next time I go someplace I should ask if there's any bloggers handy :-)

Simon said...

hi Fern...goodness are you grumpy today. Kettling people is never right. The World Cup is only every four years. Discovering Little Somethings is delightful. The sound of happy people in a still traumatized city is most welcome. Now go get yourself a sangria...

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