Friday, 23 July 2010

Like a horse and carriage - with dog (update)

We demonstrated there's little, if any, solidarity among the Lakritzes, the Kays, the Blatchies, the Somervilles except for their common delight of piling on feminism and feminists.

I thought Blob Blogging Wingnut would run to the defense of Sara "My Choice, My Childcare" Landriault.

But then Sara may have been well rewarded for providing the media with a shiny new distraction and thus moving the spotlight away from the Cons' cancellation of the long-form census questionnaire and the violence against peaceful protesters at the G-20.

There's some MASSIVE whining at Blob Blogging Wingnut's place where info from other blogs and news items can be spun to suit HER zygote-zealot-shrieking and Vatican-Taliban-fluffing agenda. SHE tossed off a homophobic screed that concluded with a favourite religious fundamentalist rightwing aphorism: Marriage protects women.

Like the catholic church protects girls and boys from pedophile priests, SUZY CAPS-ON?

Won't someone think of the children?

And why do anti-feminists hate women?

Update: This news item brought to our attention by TWFDS, is likely to cause jubilation for Pope Maledict. Using Stockboy Day's sampling and census-taking techniques, the Vatican Taliban can now declare a church that ordains women goes to the dogs.

BTW, Erika Ritter has produced a well-researched book on the woven mythologies of humans, dogs and religious institutions - The Dog by the Cradle, the Serpent Beneath.


Niles said...

Yeah, I read this piece and when that announcement came out about the affirmative action programs, my tinfoil attennae went POINK at the oh-my-isn't-THAT-timely-koeenkidink.

What were you saying about SL appearing to have connections? So, she didn't get fed talking points at all, noooooo.

Hence, we have the census aka fodder for the teabagger libertarian crowd...and now we get the flag going up by 'private' citizens moaning about not catching a break for being 'family values' traditional WHITE people when-it-comes-to-employment-in-tough-times and in panel 2, Harper's crew lobs another Republican wedge issue into the 'jobs aren't doing very well' statistics.

This is the 'deserving white folks' vs 'undeserving coloured folks forced on employers' angle getting all that pre-set free air time South of the 49th.

Playing the visible minority card and appealing to the libertarian myth of pure merit in an equally mythical post-racial/patriarchal world.

Nothing like bringing the country together instead of stoking resentments at the lower end of the income scale off each other.

This doesn't even get into my brow raise at the veracity of SL's claims about being bluntly turned down for a job at Canada Post (a federal government employer rife with all those eeeeevil civil servants) just because she was white. Call me cynical.

deBeauxOs said...

From what I've read of her blog, SL is certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

ck said...

As you both know I've been hammering at the princess for the past few days now. A commenter from outside of Ottawa tells me he quite a few of his neighbours who do work for the federal civil service and he told me all of them told him that they were required to have some kind of post-secondary education, which SL, by her own admission, doesn't have.

Not, to mention, since it is clear, dBO, as you've pointed out, SL ain't the sharpest knife in the door (I mean France is part of the commonwealth?? She scrubbed it, unfortunately); how would she have passed those tests for any given civil service job? And yes, I know for a fact, be it federel, provincial or even municipal, there is always at least one test to pass for meeting criteria for job application. Not easy to get, these civil servant post.

I'm a civil servant as you both know from following Sister Sage's Musings. I had to pass 3 different skills tests: 2 for software knowledge and one typing speed. I'm an admin agent.

If I want a higher position (when one is available I will apply if qualified), I will have to pass the albatross itself, French written, which is hard, from what I hear. Am I going to whine about it or call Brian Lilley?.NO! Come September, when some money is a bit loose (is there such thing these days? But you get what I mean, tightening the budget following my TO trip in 10 days)& I'm going to hire a tutor who comes highly recommended by the staff of my agency.

You should of heard her interview rerun with Redneck Ryan Doyle on Newstalk 1010. Priceless! Just confirmed her self-entitled, princess, lazy-assed attitude! She was literally whining on the radio about how she wanted to be in civil service because she wanted all those fringe benefits to go with them like family days and such!

Beijing York said...

She's a piece of work and now a cause celebre with the white power crowd. I call bullshit on this manufactured story.

Self-identification is voluntary. It serves your interests to identify your minority status since the civil service is committed to employment equity. There are also times when certain employment programs are created to purposely introduce disadvantaged minorities into the public service, like that Aboriginal Tax Officer Apprentice position she highlighted on her blog.

From what I have seen of different job posting, admin assistant positions require a minimum of 2 years post-secondary education if not a degree. Relevant job experience is also a factor. Sara would need some major skills upgrading before being eligible for most civil service jobs.

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