Thursday 15 July 2010

Feet on the Street SATURDAY, July 17

Using the time-honoured tactic of lying misdirection, at least one commenter on the current CBC G20 story is posting the wrong date for the upcoming nationwide solidarity rallies.

It is Saturday, July 17. This Saturday.

Of course, Toronto has the most intense interest in it. Queen's Park, South Lawn, 1 p.m.

Here is a list of rallies in Nelson, St. John's, Ottawa, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, and Bancroft.

And of course our friends in Quebec are on side: Quebec City
and Montreal.

Rabble has a list of confirmed and pending rallies, including one in the riding of Peterborough held by toad/MP Dean Del Mastro, who is carying the leaky Con can on this file. He said this morning on CBC Radio that a Parliamentary inquiry would be tantamount to a 'kangaroo court'. Really, Dean? This is what you do for a living? Create and attend kangaroo courts?

My disdain for this fat fuck/car salesman knows no bounds.

So. Get yer butt out. No excuses. If we don't put the feet on the street, They win. See, they'll say, Canadians don't care.

Well, yes, we bloody do.

I'm planning to hang out at the western end of the war memorial -- black granite wall thingy. If you see someone who looks like a fern hill (hint, she may be smoking), say hi.

ADDED: London, ON.


ck said...

Thanks for posting our Montreal event. I wanna see you all out in droves!

ck said...

Oh yes! And Dean Del Mastro, the weepy fetus fetishist (ever see his video from 3 years ago?)

watch it hear! He gets almost as weepy as Glenn Beck.

Ain't he just the poster boy for mental health?

It also proves that them Harpercons are planning to strip us of our reproductive rights if let loose with a majority. As I pointed out; that video is 3 years old.

He seriously needs to be tested for rabies as G&M's Douglas Bell suggests; in fact; all those Harpercons do.

Pseudz said...

Here's hoping that it's gonna be huge. I'll see you there with Mike and Cynthia. And they have 2 friends . . . and they have 2 friends.

thwap said...

I will be wearing a golden collared t-shirt over a 'MayDay" t-shirt. I'll be the shrivelled old man with the gorgeous, long-haired, 3-year-old boy.

ck said...

Hey, anyone gonna be in Montreal??

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