Saturday, 10 July 2010

Cherchez la police!

Here's a story that a strong, independent, credible news gathering organization with deep pockets and resourceful journalists should investigate.

It's not an original narrative; tyrants in many countries over the centuries have made use of military or police forces to build, consolidate and maintain their power. What may be unique to Canada is the Faustian deal that a (once-upon-a-time) admired and respected crime-fighting organization has made with a narcissistic and vindictive control freak.

Though Chretien may have been the first to overtly enlist the RCMP in support of an authoritarian agenda, Stevie Spiteful has tapped the right-wing elements of the organization to its murkiest and most fascistic depths. He tested the waters, back in 2005:
During the last federal election the RCMP announced a (fraudulent?) investigation into the Ralph Goodale (Liberal Minister of Finance) Income Trust measures. The announcement was unprecedented, was apparently fraudulent, and is alleged to have seriously changed the outcome of the election [...]
The success of this tactic only whetted Harper's appetite and it remains to be seen whether this is valid speculation:
One is forced to wonder if a hidden agenda of the government was to build the RCMP's technical and surveillance capacity. Are they preparing for the kind of social unrest that might develop in the future if Canada is serious about meeting its G20 pledge of halving its deficit by 2013 – at a time when the world seems heading back into recession? Do our security forces look at the rising tide of strikes and protests in Europe and decide to get ready here?
One need not be paranoid to imagine how abusive and unbridled Stevie and his bullies could and would become if provided with a majority of seats in Parliament.


Kim said...

Chilling. That is exactly what I worry about here. Add to that the similar budget given the Vancouver Owelympics ( with the same kind of stockpiling tactical equipment and espionage against law abiding citizenry) and your theory doubles in weight. Paul Jay at The Real News has been doing some creditable journalism on this issue. Thanks

chris said...

More on this from Peter Watts.

"Maybe what we witnessed was — on some subconscious level, at least — a dress rehearsal for the Revolution."

I don't like the Harpercons, they scare me. But I'm not sure that Iggy or Jack would have done things differently and that scares me even more.

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