Friday, 25 June 2010

Police arrest Red Green - what's next?

Alison at Creekside (crossposted at Dr Dawg's) writes about the G-20 security theatre that played out yesterday.

The faceless members of the Integrated Security Unit quickly faded back into the shadows, satisfied that the arrest of some
sad schmuck and his little dog will have fed the media hunger for gripping Law & Order drama. (Those free cocktails provided around Lake Con-Begone will slake their thirst.)

Up next. It appears that Governor Premier McGuinty and his star chamber passed a
secret regulation that gives the Toronto police some very interesting powers. Like deadly virus swapping bits of DNA that render them resistant to antibiotics, the municipal police are being coached by the RCMP in the fine art of abusing civilians.

It seems inevitable that the police will arrest the families participating in the CLC demonstration under the pretext that adults are using their children as human shields.

After that, it's just a short retroactively-legislated hop to declaring them unfit parents and placing the kids in evangelical christians' homes for the purpose of re-education.

Update: Good news - again, from Alison at Creekside, we learn that one RCMP officer was removed from a Ryerson building at the request of lawful campus members.

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