Saturday, 26 June 2010

Are you for us or against us?

This lovely little pallid-skinned family learned the hard way that the law a temporary regulation as enforced by police officers is a rough and blunt instrument.

It was a raid scripted straight from the cliché template of some Hollywood hack writer -
Opening: cops descend upon a crack house, break doors down, kick the residents awake, cuff them and lock them up.

Except the purpose of the warrant was to pre-emptively charge, arrest and detain community activists planning protest strategies during the G-20. That was the purported crime targeted by police.

As John Booth writes here, respect of citizens' civil rights was not on display last night.
[He]was woken at 4 am this morning to find police pointing a gun in his face. He was handcuffed and brought outside. Thirty minutes later police apologize to him. Booth is the upstairs neighbour of some G20 protesters, but he lives in a separate unit with his wife and six month old child.

“You hear all this stuff in the news about this one billion dollars' worth of security which is supposed to protect the public - well I am a great example of an innocent by-stander who has been violated despite this very claim. And this is allegedly our tax payers dollars at work.”
What did Stevie Spiteful purchase with the 1,100,000,000. dollars he spent on G-20 and G-8 public government security. A whole lot of weapons, fences, overtime, contracted-out services.

Not much in the way of serving and protecting the public, and very little in the way of skills, competence and discernment.


ck said...

He also purchased some agents provocateurs; never forget them. If those black bloc types didn't show up; there would have been agents provocateurs to stir things up (And I'm not convinced at least some of those Black bloc weren't such people to drive Steve's agenda)

I think we can all use some tongue and cheek humour. It's picture my brother took.

I will be posting some of his photos on my blog tomorrow.

Pseudz said...

. . . it is to be hoped that much de-briefing ensues. . . that this day (and the time-crater around it) makes the splat on Canadian history that it deserves.

Were they trying to out-do Trudeau's martial law gambit?

What happened to their sense of proportion?

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