Sunday, 27 June 2010

Agents Provocateurs, 2

Via Fillibuster, we get a link to someone who knows from boots -- Terry Burrows -- who recaps the Montebello Boot Incident and proceeds to suggest similar hanky-panky was going on at the G20 'riots'.

Me, I don't know from boots, but having lived in Toronto my whole life, I've seen a few cop cars and the one that 'anarchist' is bouncing around on at Terry's place looked odd to me.

Toronto is divided into police divisions -- all two-digit numbers, the lowest number is 11, the highest is 55. Cop cars are numbered with four digits, the first two being the division, the second two, I assume, the number of that vehicle.

Note number on bouncy-car -- 766 -- which, by the way, is the car that got torched on Queen West and featured in all those rivetting photos and news clips.

As they say, it would be irresponsible not to speculate. Is this a real, regular, everyday type cop car? Or some kinda special cop car?


Anonymous said...

Well Done!

Ask Chief Blair.

Of course the Star's Catherine Porter might want to follow up too. After all she alerted us to the scam: "Porter: When police stick to phony script"


So far in Toronto, the police show has unrolled according to script; we’ve seen the propaganda, the cache, the intimidation, the secretive new regulations, the scary military arsenal. . . .

Next up, rocks. Will we all believe that one too?

Or sacrificial cars that end up giving the Toronto cops much much more in capital.


Anonymous said...

It did seem kind of tinny didn't it? Like how does a lit piece of paper engulf the car in flames so fast?

Boots and fake cop cars? Well I dunno, but all those extra cameras were installed at all the demo points should be duplicated and handed over to the Community Organizers to get to the bottom of this.

Is me Toe gyus, I dunno why but my Google isn't accepting me.

Fillibluster said...

Good catch! Perhaps a civilian car painted up, sans computers and other gear?

ck said...

We have go to spread this little automobile anomaly around.

Mike said...

Just spoke with a trustworthy cop friend of mine. You are right this is not a normal car 7XX numbers are spare cars normaly used to fill in if cars are out of service or for training or other needs. Since they were renting vehicles it would make sense that everything they owned was out too. That being said im not convinced that agent of the state were not involved in this anyway

Anonymous said...

The saying is ," it would be irresponsilbe to speculate", not it would be irresponsible not to speculate". Your speculation put into print informaion that is currently not facts. Stop making stuff up. An old jewish proverb says,"What you don't see with your eyes, don't invent with your mouth."

Fillibluster said...

Okay, so they put out the used up crap training cars then?

Freak, Super. Esq. said...


Anonymous said...

one word. PLANTED. to justify that 1.2 billion spending security spree, since cops brutalized everybody after saturday and deterred mass protests.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they must use these special cop cars everyday! Or you are full of shit.

fern hill said...

@Anonymous at 11:04: humour-impaired, are we?

fern hill said...

@Anonymous at 5:48: that jpeg shows a cop car with 4 digits from 14 division. Your point?

AM said...

Are any cars missing off the Flashpoint set?

Anonymous said...

Toronto Star has a story today about the burning of another cruiser, #3251. See: The fire, the accused and the cop by Jennifer Yang and
Diana Zlomislic

The police are fulfill an important role in society, keeping law and order. The city of Toronto's budget is $888 million this year.

See: Trimming the Fat from Toronto's Police Budget by Kelly Grant of the Globe and Mail

The circumstances surrounding the burning of cruiser 3251 could be quite different from that of cruiser 766. The officer is identified, the accused is identified and ultimately the courts will decide on punishment if there is a conviction. (Personally I think Staff Sargeant Queen violated the policies and practices established by the Toronto Police Services Board by operating the vehicle alone. The Toronto Police Services Board pay much more than other communities to support "two-officer patrols" and it was, at the very least, irresponsible to be alone on Queen St. W. on Saturday. He's a senior officer, for God's sake, not some rookie.) And there were other cruisers nearby. But check this youtube by RussiaToday's reporter Lauren Lister. The crowd is just standing around, no chanting, no threat, no violence, then you see the guy go to work... From the video it doesn't look like there was a riot. I still think this needs more explanation.

(Russia Today? Who knew they had a reporter in Toronto?)

More information is needed about the burning of cruiser 766. I still suspect this was staged and aided by a police agent provocateur.


Anonymous said...

The whole point of letting the cruisers burn (whether or not they were tinny or real) was for the mainstream media getting lots of pics to send worldwide. In that the cops were complicit with the Con job. In that all the money for security was justified in their minds. As the Guardian said today - "the G20 never laid any claim to legitimacy. Now it is also in danger of losing any credibility as a forum for global economic governance. Its failure to address any of the structural problems that caused the financial and economic crises of the past three years has certainly not gone unnoticed in Toronto, let alone its complete refusal to deal with the challenge of climate change."

So if they can't agree on the biggest issues of our times effecting the little people, and they can agree on how to deal with N. Korea or Iran as a group, then we know they are not there for our benefit, but theirs. May this be the last G-20 Toronto ever hosts! If it comes back for any reason then Protesters Should Just Not Show Up. Let the Black Bloc and the Cops deal with each other and let's see how the MONEY is justified then.

Anonymous said...

here's another one!

Anonymous said...

and another one! curiously though, the only ones i can find with 3 number identification on the ol' google are cars involved in accidents... hmm..

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