Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Dream for a Mothers' Day present.

This is what I fantasize might happen.

Margaret Harper will arrive at 24 Sussex and will slap some sense into Stevie Spiteful to punctuate what the appropriate response to STFU might be. I don't know if that would be salubrious for her well-being but it would sure perk up my spirits. Now there's a maternal health initiative that Stevie should support.

Then she, Laureen and the spawn will go off for lunch somewhere without The Corpulent One.

Would it be evul for me to want a souvenir photo of Margaret slapping Stevie?

Note for the humour impaired, literal-minded Blogging Tories, and other assorted whining rightwingnutz. This is a fantasy. I'm willing to bet that yours are waaaaay more violent and involve torture.


Saraline said...

Sounds good to me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Can't WE ALL que up and slap him, for charity or sumthin.

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