Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Where are The Fetus Fetishists? - Update

Where are R.E.A.L. Women of Canada? Why aren't they shrieeeking at Jason Kenney, for allowing this to happen?

A pregnant diabetic woman from Guinea was released from detention Monday and is now fighting to remain in the country on humanitarian grounds. [...]

Camara went into hiding to avoid the deportation, because she said if she's deported, she could lose her baby or face death. She's now facing a 2 p.m. flight Tuesday afternoon. [...] Camara left her homeland in 2006 after the death of her first husband. She said the man, who was much older and had two other wives, physically abused and raped her. "My former husband's family believes I was the cause of his death because I left the country after he died. I could be jailed in Guinea if I return."

She came to Canada, but was denied refugee status. A year later, she married Abdoul Sow, a marriage immigration officials contend was a sham.

She is 24 weeks pregnant, has Type 2 diabetes and had a miscarriage last year. Obstetricians in the high-risk pregnancy clinic where she is a patient say that she will not have access in Guinea to the kind of medical care she is receiving here. Her lawyer said her life and pregnancy are endangered if she is returned to Guinea. If she survives to give birth, her infant's life could also be at risk.

Oh. Wait. Sayon Camara is a Black women who can't vote. Why would a ReformaTory Minister, whose New™ MASSIVELY "accountable!" & "transparent!" government cut funding to shelters for women and children fleeing domestic violence, do anything to help her?

So much for
Stevie Spiteful's maternal health care initiative. Did anyone actually believe that his pious bleating was anything but a ploy to insert propaganda into the news cycle that the PMO tries to control?

Today's update. From Cyberpresse, the above photo from the couple's wedding as well as additional information regarding Immigration officials bias for contending their marriage is a 'sham'. Abdoul Sow went west for a few months, to find work in a better paid employment. Many men in Canada do the same - go to Alberta to earn money while living in substandard conditions in order to support their families. Given the housing situation in places like Fort McMurray, it doesn't make sense for the families to uproot themselves from their communities and following the main wage-earner.


Oemissions said...

Who is representing and speaking on the Status of Women these days?

fern hill said...

Does it matter?

Anonymous said...

Diverted by busty hookers and now the ultimate diversion.... ABORTION. Seems to me bringing up the Abortion issue is really the red herring of last resort. Something must be really really rotten in rightwingnut land...outside of the really rotten stuff that's been going on... that only a few seem to notice.

Attack the women....best diversion tactic ever.\

Niles said...

Now, now. I'm *sure* that upon her landing on her native soil, that Harper's government will be waiting on the tarmac for the poor stressed woman, to assist her maternal health. And then, in panel two, when she is delivered safely of her child, they can declare that despite the father being a Canadian citizen, the *born* child is not Canadian, wasn't born on Canadian soil and is not therefore subject to care and attention, like everyone else disavowed and abandoned outside the borders of our fair, noble and accountable nation.

I can hear the screaming now about how it's not a 'real' baby. It's an 'anchor' baby, conceived only as a ploy to keep her in the country. Because 'real' babies are made of love and sugar and spice and grow up to be English speaking doctors, but 'anchor' babies are a communist Conquista plot infected with prenatal urges to gather welfare cheques in 'those' neighbourhoods.

It's illegal immigration echoing of the fun times south of 49. Both the Latin@ side and the African side of the squealing. The Cons use the free publicity we can't stop coming over the cable airwaves and rattle sabres JUST enough to make it sound like what's horrible there is horrible HERE. They have just enough plausible deniability while enjoying the benefits.

btw, I was just presented with a factor I hadn't considered before in the fearmongering infiltrating the Canadian elders mentality. Snowbirds. They go to the US for months at a time and get inundated. They come home stuffed with the southern US states party line. For example, I mentioned Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa county AZ) in passing at a family gathering and was treated to a praise-filled apologia for how 'cute', 'funny' and 'innovative' he is in dealing with crime. All the deeply tanned white seniors grinning about this could focus on was the pink underwear and the reported low recidivism rates. Them being 'on the ground' in a controlled snowbird community, watching FOX news, trumped anything I could point to being investigated online.

While I seriously turned to drink at the time, I pondered that these are people other seniors are heeding as trustworthy and these are the age range reported as majority voting Conservative.

fern hill said...

Good point about the snowbirds, Niles. I hadn't thought of that.

Luna said...

Niles: I ran into the same thing myself. I live in Victoria, and there is a large contingent of snowbirds in my church. Older white folk. And they love Sheriff Joe! *barf* When I pointed out that there were more complaints of police brutality against him and his crew than there were against the LAPD and NYPD combined, at least a few of them backed off and said that they didn't know about that, but if it was true (if... like I made it up for funzies) that was horrible.

penlan said...

She's been granted a stay until the baby is born. That's a start, anyway.

Niles said...

Fern: You went into that lynch mob to comment???? Took logic to a gum fight? Aiaiai. It's shark water. Great. Whites.

Virtually spewing commentary on stories like that must help them cut down on their ecological footprint. No sheets and hoods to throw in the laundry. No fuel to waste on travelling to a meeting site; soil contamination avoided while attempting to light a cross.

Lard amighty, I can't buy better back-up for my point about the usual suspects swallowing American rightwing points as somehow having something to do with Canadian situations.

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