Sunday, 11 April 2010

US Women: 'Yo! Obama! Pay-back Time!

After throwing women's rights under the clichéed bus, Obama owes Merkin women BIG TIME.

For the next spot on the Supreme Court he should appoint the most pro-abort candidate he can. And Jeffrey Toobin, legal analyst for CNN and The New Yorker, is betting on Elena Kagan.
In an exclusive Fresh Dialogues interview, Jeffrey Toobin reveals his No. 1 pick for Stevens' replacement: Elena Kagan. The Supreme Court expert says of her: "She's very much an Obama type person, a moderate Democrat, a consensus builder..."

He also comments on her likely environmental leanings and the future of the Supreme Court...

"If you start to have an energized liberal group of young Justices...the wind could be at their back and if Obama gets re-elected you could see more appointments, so it's a big deal."

Well, hell, somebody has to help drag the Excited States into the 21st century as far as women's rights are concerned. And Kagan looks like the gal to do it.

Beyond all the impressive academic cred, she's got one very important advantage -- the fetus fetishists loathe her.
Senate Republicans responded to the retirement of pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens by saying one of the top potential replacements Obama may look to would cause a significant battle. GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee indicated a nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan, an abortion advocate, would spark opposition.

Mr President, we humbly submit -- if you want a second term, it's time to pay back progressive women. Appoint a pro-choice justice or just sign the fucking Freedom of Choice Act.


Cliff said...

She's pro-choice but on the subject of executive power and state authority issues Greenwald says she would drag the court considerably rightward.

I quite like Ariana Huffington's suggestion of Elizabeth Warren.

Anonymous said...

Poor men fight rich men's wars. And it is no different for Women who know in their hearts, men are wastrels when it comes to power. In the end, it doesn't matter, we will always have principled pro-choice doctors for the 52% who never seem to have a voice in our bogus democratic society.

Why on earth would I waste my time for a poli to understand the basics of womankind? They can all go fuck goats!

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