Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's Unanimous

Wow. Austin, Texas, really is a progressive place.
Pregnancy centers that don’t offer or refer clients to abortion services or birth control services will now have to say that on signs posted at their facilities, the Austin City Council decided in a unanimous vote this morning.

Austin is now the second city in the US, after Baltimore, to force fetus fetishists to tell the truth.

This is grand. I hope the movement grows and grows. Because the more they complain about having to tell the truth, the more it demonstrates that they really really really don't want to tell the truth.

Again, LifeShite attributes evil, nefarious reasons to the Vicious Abortion Crusaders™ who promoted this 'truth in advertising' requirement.
Abortion advocates promoted the measure because they are upset such centers provide women with abortion alternatives and pregnancy help.

Almost right. Pro-choice people are disgusted with the fact that such centres think it is their right to lie to, manipulate, guilt-trip, and give the runaround to vulnerable women.

Next reason -- again with the besmirching *snort*.
The goal of the ordinance is to besmirch the work the centers do in helping women because they have taken clients away from abortion businesses.

Yeah, because being forced to tell the truth does kinda besmirch one's previous activities.

Cliff, blogger at rusty idols, wonders if Canadian cities should get on the bandwagon. Check out his Facebook group.

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