Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Grudge.

In today's blogpost from C. C. - Canadian Cynic: Thanks, but I've found someone new - there's a confirmation that Stevie Spiteful will dump Michaëlle Jean.

From here:
She kept Harper dangling for a couple of hours in December 2008 before acceding to his request to prorogue a Parliament that had lost confidence in him rather than granting his rivals a shot at governing through a coalition. It was a turning point for Harper, who, sources say, thought his request should have been "a routine matter."
Key words in that article speak to Stevie Spiteful's MASSIVE ability to hold a grudge. Plus she appears to be more popular than he is.

Many progressives are very angry with her because she allowed putative King Stevie's second 'request' for prorogation. But I think that, in the absence of viable arguments from the Opposition in Parliament making a case for a refusal, she had to accede to his demand.

So, wouldn't it be deliciously ironic if the Liberal Party of Canada dumped Iggy and recruited Michaëlle for their next leader?

Just saying.


Mark Francis said...

Michaëlle a Lib Party leader? She would be right away attacked by the Conservatives with millions in ads as having 'separatist ties' despite having propped up Harper in 2008.

Still, an intriguing idea. She's been visible for years, and no one has pinned anything on her. Having forged a national impression, the inevitable Conservative negative framing would have a harder time taking hold.

deBeauxOs said...

A CPC attack upon Michaëlle Jean, in the manner they went after Dion and Iggy would hurt them more than the Libs, I think.

But I don't think that the Libs would necessarily get a majority.

There would be benefits for the NDP also, as they could concentrate their efforts on the vulnerable ridings held ReformaTory MPs as well as their own strongholds.

rabbit said...

Jean would never accept a political position. To do so after serving as Governor General would bring the office of the GG into disrepute.

deBeauxOs said...

Oh really? Who determined that, Stevie Spiteful?

However, Michaëlle Jean is unlikely to be won over by the LPC to draft her.

It was just an amusing notion, to imagine the temper tantrum Stevie would have, if that were to occur.

Beijing York said...

Well the Liberals better find themselves a solution. I spent the holiday weekend with in-laws and extended family who are hard core LPC supporters (campaigners and fund raisers) and they have absolutely no faith in Iggy. No consensus on who they should turn to but Jean and Leblanc did come up as positive choices believe it or not.

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