Friday, 16 April 2010

Don't Cry For Me Canada - the Truth is ...

Truthiness, in the prefered, half-baked manner so typical of Con job ReformaTories has re-surfaced with Roxanne's Law - the latest anti-abortion cheval de bataille of Winnipeg MP Bruinooge. Our own fern hill debunked the Lying Lies that the usual suspects have spun in support of their project here, including Rod "Kidneys!" Bruinooge's version of the circumstances that led to Fernando's death.

One of the Bill C-510 rabid supporters is Faytene Kryskow.

Yikes. I should have guessed that gal fancied herself as a potential Lie-Là Rose.

In the unlikely eventuality that Bruinooge's Bill passes, KrystKow wants everyone to know that she would be thrilled to go undercover to fabricate discover evidence of wrong-doing.

Bene Diction Blogs On has been closely following KrystKow's career. Check out BDBO's related entries in the sidebar for more eye-opening information about the not-so-fabulous Faytene and her acolytes.

She is one media-savvy gal, when she's in control of the message that is. These days the chameleon has transformed herself into a devout (and low-rent) version of the go-go girl look worn by Kate Hudson in Nine.

KrystKow's ancestral genes swam in the same pool as Luba Goy. Faytene is destined to age without the brilliant comic's well-earned crinkly laughter lines and her famed ability to laugh at herself.

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