Wednesday, 17 March 2010

'We don't execute victims' - CORRECTED

By a narrow margin, legislators in South Carolina have decided NOT to ban abortion coverage under state insurance in cases of rape, incest, or threat to incubator's life.
The original draft of the $5.1 billion spending plan would have banned state insurance from covering any abortion procedure, but Democrats pushed for the change during an emotional floor debate. The measure narrowly passed by a 57-54 vote.

The emotional debate included an argument that all bay-beez are Gord's gift.

And this pretzelly-twister:
"We live in a civilized society," argued Rep. Greg Delleney, R-Chester. "We do not kill children for what their fathers do. We don't execute victims. That's all we're saying: The state insurance plan shouldn't pay to execute victims."

No, we just force them to carry their rapist's child to term. Or their father's.

Or both.

And maybe die in the attempt.

Wait. There seems to have been a compassionate voice in the house.
But it was Rep. Lester Branham, D-Florence and a retired minister, who seemed to sway lawmakers in his hushed tone during a trip to the podium.

"Some things are put on God's shoulders that are not God's. They're our sins, our crimes," Branham said. "That act of impregnating a girl against her will is not a gift of God. It's a crime."

(Read more about the squirrelly state of South Carolina as seen by deBeauxOs.)

CORRECTION: The source I quoted yesterday has issued a retraction. (emphasis mine)
Yesterday, reported that South Carolina lawmakers in Columbia rejected a proposed ban on abortions in their health plan in every case except when a mother’s life is in danger. However, that information was incorrect and we apologize for repeating it.

According to numerous reports, South Carolina lawmakers accepted the ban for abortions to be covered in their health care plan. Lawmakers specifically pointed out that abortions should be covered in cases of rape and incest to give women who become pregnant in those situations the choice. However, the vote approved the plan without concessions for rape and incest victims by a 57-54 margin.

Sorry about that. Should have known better. There is NO compassion in South Carolina.


Bina said...

Rape-induced pregnancies are VICTIMS???

The mind boggles.

Beijing York said...

In Haiti, women are given the option of marrying their rapists. Holy fucking fuck :-(

the regina mom said...

I like Rep. Lester Branham's ability to sort out what's criminal behaviour and what's not. "That act of impregnating a girl against her will is not a gift of God. It's a crime."

deBeauxOs said...

Indeed. Those other elected officials in South Carolina clearly belong to The Churches That Punish Women for Men's Crimes by Keeping Them Pregnant.

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