Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Remember Nafta-gate?

James Fitz-Morris thinks Hillary sure does.

(A little refresher by way of Ian Brodie's -- Harpie's first of a long string of chiefs of staff -- wiki entry.)

And speaking of security and confidentiality, let's also remember those ReformaTory cabinet ministers who are to be trusted with sensitive information, whereas those evul Taliban-supporting Opposition MPs are not.

Here's Helena Guergis trying to score political points while endangering Opposition members' lives in Afghanistan.

Here's Maxime Bernier forgetting senstive NATO documents at his mobbed-up biker chick's pad.

And here's Lisa -- I'm So Sexy -- Raitt blaming her aide for leaving more sensitive documents in the ladies' loo.

Hillary Clinton remembers Nafta-gate, but will Canadian voters remember these incompetents when the time comes to vote their butts out?

Here at DJ!, we live in hope.

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Alison said...

Excellent observation!

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