Friday, 12 March 2010

Recent research proves zygote zealots are wrong - again.

Remember those religious extremist fetishists of The Fetus©™ who shrieeeked: The Pill Kills!!!

These rightwing fundamentalists, for example?

According to a study just published in the British Medical Journal it seems that The Pill actually saves women's lives:

Those who had used the contraceptive were less likely to die from a range of diseases, including heart disease and cancer, researchers found. Overall, the drugs cut the risk of death from bowel cancer by 38 per cent and from any cause by around 12 per cent.

The findings will be reassuring for millions of women who are taking or have taken the Pill, following a number of health scares, according to experts from the University of Aberdeen, who carried out the study.

Although there was small increased risk of death among women under 45 taking the Pill, in part because of the well-known increased chance of suffering a blood clot, that effect disappeared after around 10 years. And the health benefits to women as they got older more than offset the risks to under 45s, the researchers said.

Introduced in 1961, and initially for married women only, around three million women in Britain are now thought to take the Pill regularly to prevent unwanted pregnancy. [...]

Dr Alison Ross, from Cancer Research UK, said: “This large study should help to reassure women that on average, the long-term benefits of taking the Pill, including lower odds of dying from cancer, outweigh the risks. "We still need more research to understand how the balance of risks and benefits might change in specific groups of people taking the current versions of the Pill. "Even so, it is encouraging to see that using the Pill appears to substantially lower the risk of dying from bowel, womb and ovarian cancers.”

As well, women who used this contraceptive avoided dying from health complications arising from pregnancy.

Grand merci to Croghan who brought this news item to my attention.

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