Monday, 22 March 2010

More propaganda from Blob Blogging Wingnut.

SUZY ALL-CAPS comes to the defense of the Vatican Taliban. Nothing new there. As a co-blogger remarked:
BBW has glommed onto the notion that many of the accusations of sex abuse are false and slanderous [...] That is no surprise coming from HER, as HER default position is to side with power, authority and orthodoxy.
"Won't somebody think of the poor maligned priests?" is the angle SHE exploits, opinionating that the Catholic Church hushed up all those MASSIVE accusations against pedophile clergy because some of them could be "false memories" or malicious slanders.

Here's a fact for you, SAINTE-NITOUCHE. For decades forensic scientists and legal scholars have been studying the incidence of people reporting crimes that have not actually occurred. Regardless of the nature of the alleged infraction (theft, vandalism, sexual assault, etc.) or the motivation (insurances scam, vengeance, etc.) the percentage of false accusations to crimes that are founded remains constant, in the 4-5% range. But don't let that get in the way of YOUR spinning in defense of those 95-96% of complaints against Catholic clergy who DID abuse and assault millions of children over the centuries.
'This is why the Church dealt with these issues in secret, but people don't get that.'
Suffering inflicted upon children is not YOUR cause, is it? YOUR overweening focus is fixated on the zygotes, the embryos and the fetuses, right?

Blog Blogging Wingnut links to this glurge and propaganda piece, published in the guise of a news item. The conclusion to this work of fiction offers the following: "Of the thousands of cases that I alone have worked on, there is one theme that rings through them all: The priest will continue to say, "I don't want to lose my priesthood, I just want to be able to say the Mass!"

Oh really? Then why are most of the accused re-assigned to pastoral work, despite warnings from medical authorities who treated them for their mental afflictions and pedophile urges?

Un grand merci to brebis noire who tipped us off to this despicable propaganda.


Pale said...

Such a terrible disgrace people like her are.
They actually seem to think that children, the living breathing ones are expendable for the church.
I will never understand that mindset. A sick twisted excuse for a person. I never click on her gore site, cannot stomach that lump of flesh for a second.

buckets said...

One is reminded of the headline from 2002: Pope Forgives Molested Children

Dr.Dawg said...

Truly disgusting that she would sacrifice children on the altar of her beliefs.

ck said...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She is, after all, pro-rape (at least that's the idea I get after reading her shit).

I asked her 2 questions on Twitter. I am still waiting for answers.

a) where is the justice for these poor kids whose innocence was stripped from them by these guilty priests?

b) Why is it that priests caught having consensual sex with other adults are automatically defrocked, but those convicted of child molestation or even accused, are not??

I really have to wonder what kind of upbringing ol' Suzy of Big Blue Fetus had? To have a pic of a dead fetus decorating her page...she just ain't normal!!

I seriously believe she should be committed

Luna said...

A priest I dearly loved was in charge of slogging through accusations of abuse of children in his diocese. It didn't take long before he acquired a major alcohol problem, left the priesthood and died of an overdose of pills. He knew. We know. It's incredible that there are still those who will defend these evil, evil men.

Fr. Paul was one of the kindest, gentlest men I ever met. When I first met him, he was the chaplain at the Catholic university I was attending. My then boyfriend and I walked into his office and I said, "We want to get married". He looked at my very pregnant body and said, "Well, that's probably a great idea!"

The Catholic church killed him. I don't know if I'll ever forgive them for that.

Lindsay Stewart said...

in SUSIE's world a teaspoon full of rapist spunk has more rights than a woman or child. she's wrong in the head.

chris said...

Make her read this and every one of the links.

No sane person, IMHO, can and continue to defend the Holy Mother(fucking) Church.

fern hill said...

chris's link made clickable.

That's some link.

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