Thursday, 11 March 2010

Guilty, but no pro-choice terrorist

Harlan Drake, confessed killer of two men, Mike Fuoss and anti-abortion harasser Jim Pouillon has been found guilty of first-degree murder.

Drake's lawyers offered an insanity defense and the man sure had some awful events in his life. The prosecution presented evidence of premeditation -- Drake talked about 'doing something' about Pouillon the day before -- that seems to have convinced the jury.

Jim Pouillon is the guy the fetus fetishists -- SUZY ALLCAPSLOCK was one -- wanted to put up for sainthood. And in general the FF media tried to equate the murder of Dr George Tiller to Pouillon's murder.

And they're still doing it. Under a headline Pouillon Murderer: I Don’t Feel Bad:
Drake also revealed that he first targeted Pouillon because of his pro-life activism, and that he decided to kill Fuoss, against whom he had a grudge, only after he shot Pouillon and realized that he had nothing to lose.

Let's have a look at what Drake said according to a local paper:
He told jurors he had, on multiple occasions, asked Pouillon to “pick a better sign” for his protests. When he was shot and killed, Pouillon was carrying a sign that had an aborted fetus on one side, and the picture of a healthy baby on the other.

“I didn't feel that's right to show children, especially younger children,” Drake said.

However, Drake said he had no opinion on the issue actually addressed by the sign.

“As a man, I don't feel I have a right to have an opinion on that,” Drake said.

Hm. No opinion on abortion. Just really hated those gory signs. Remember that Pouillon regularly protested at a local school and, in fact, that's where he was killed.

But, still, Drake must have been a monster, right?
Harlan Drake said he feels he deserves the death penalty for gunning down two men on Sept. 11, 2009, and said he is not a "safe person" to be on the streets.

(There is no death penalty in Michigan.)

Oh, and that 'I don't care' headlline? Here's how that was reported:
Drake told the court he is not sad his victims, anti-abortion activist James Pouillon and gravel pit owner Michael Fuoss, are dead, and said he shot the men in a way to ensure they would die quickly and not suffer.

A fucked up guy, obviously. But not a pro-abortion terrorist, no matter how many lies the fetus fetishists fling around.

If you want to read detailed coverage of the trial, there's a round-up of links here.

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blackdove78 said...

It really pisses me off when anti-choicers pull that Pouillon as martyr crap because of how dismissive it is of the other victim. Mike was my landlord and an all-around great guy.

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