Wednesday, 10 February 2010

You Knew This Was Coming

(mock-up of the proposed ad)

A CAPP offshoot group, C.R.U.S.H. - Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper, has been created.
A group for concerned Canadians who are committed to exercising their democratic right to unseat Stephen Harper through a general election.

"When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it's rapidly losing its moral authority to govern.” - Stephen Harper, 18 April 2005"

Here is the story behind it.
Ted Chartrand wrote:
Joe Klebanoff asked some questions in a post below that deserve answers and I will attempt to provide more information on behalf of the group that organized this facebook group.

This group was the "brain child" of seven active members on CAPP that felt a focus needed to be brought to the next logical step in our dissatisfaction with the Harper government and that the next logical progression was an election so that the people of Canada could have their voices heard. Bear in mind, that this group was formed only 48 hours ago.

It was immediately seen that the objective of forcing an election needed to be taken outside the realm of simply a facebook group and out to the Canadian population. Two short term actions were identified:

1. An ad in Canada’s three major dailies: The National Post, Globe & Mail and Le Devoir. The focus of the ad would be the need for a general election. This will reach a large number of Canadians that are outside the “internet” world.

2. A national rally day (March 7) to foster active engagement by Canadians at large. The March 7 date was chosen as it will follow the delivery of the Throne Speech and budget but will be in advance of the budget debate and the first opportunity for a non-confidence vote.

Within these 48 hours since the facebook group’s creation, a team of 7 people have worked to create an appropriate ad and to negotiate with all of the named newspapers regarding rates. Others have examined various fundraising options and continue to do so. Both these tasks are nearing completion and will be posted on the facebook group page within the next day or so. While it is always preferable to have involvement of the many rather than the few, we are in a time crunch on this and must move quickly to take advantage of this small window of opportunity. Members of the organizing committee are also meeting with a number of local chapters to gain their support and involvement. This is a considerable amount that has been accomplished in less than 48 hours.

Regarding the use of a pseudonym, no one person alone was responsible for the idea for this facebook group, so, we melded our personae into Liberty Freeman, representing all of us. I am one member of that organizing committee. Increasing amounts of detail will be posted on the group facebook page in the coming days.

OK. Now they need the dough to run the ad. They are in the process of setting up the mechanics for that and need a volunteer lawyer or accountant.

Can you help?

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