Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Yo! MSM -- Try This: No Questions, No Pix!

In Haiti, loathesome jingoism and relentless politicking.
He went on to address his critics, saying some of them had argued against purchasing those cargo planes as inconsistent with Canada's "soft-power needs." Harper said, however, that his government bought them "for the hard-power requirements of today's world."

Military analysts agreed the new C-17s played a key role in the speedy Haiti deployment.

But one interviewed by The Canadian Press described most of the Harper government's so-called "hard-power" purchases - like tanks for Afghanistan - as irrelevant to a mission like Haiti. At least one other purchase nixed by Harper's government, a supply ship, could have been especially useful to those aid efforts.

Ker-rist, I want this goon -- and his ugly mug -- out of our public life.

Tell the spineless MSM: No questions, no pix!

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