Friday, 19 February 2010

I Want to Know . . .

Who the hell are pundits and pols talking about when they airly say: 'Canadians don't want an election'?

I am Canadian and I desperately want an election. So does every single one of my politically aware friends.

Or a coalition.

Mainly, we want someone OTHER than Stephen Fucking Harper in the PMO.

The heretofore bloody useless MSM has started to pay attention to the Harpocrits -- and to us, pissed-off Canadians.

We pissed-off Canadians put our feet on the street in rallies across the country.

Another is planned for March 3 on Parliament Hill.

CRUSH, Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper, is planning to run that ad up there (or something to the same effect) in newspapers across the country on March 3. They need $30,000 to $40,000 to do it.

Here is the donate link, now with PayPal and hoary but effective fundraising thermometer. Last time I looked, the money-meter read just over $1,000. (I mailed a cheque, so I don't know if my contribution is included.)

Let's ride this wave of grassrooty citizen activism and show the pols and the media that we really do care about democracy, transparency, and accountability in our government.

This is the Money Test. Are you in?


Kelseigh said...

Uh, yeah. Election or coalition right here, please. Already sent a few sheckels (can't afford much as a student) to CRUSH and the NDP this year, so I'd like some service.

And a bagel with cream cheese would be nice.

fern hill said...

Donation isn't easy when people are going through rough times. Like being a student. ;)

Anonymous said...

Both opposition parties are in trouble with one thing or another, so I suspect the budget (even with poison pill) will be passed just fine.
Layton is ill right now, Iggy couldn't get ahead even if he knew HopScotch, which he doesn't.

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