Saturday, 6 February 2010

Anti-Abortion Ad Pulled!

No. Not the one causing such a kerfuffle in the Excited States, you know, the heroic story of choosing to continue a problematic pregnancy that is probably a heap of BS in any case.

This one is right here in Canada.

The fetus fetishists were wetting themselves when a Kelowna telly station agreed to run a 'graphic' anti-abortion ad.

Well, it ain't gonna happen (links added).
A Kelowna TV station won't air a controversial anti-abortion ad after all.

CHBC executives say they've reconsidered their earlier willingness to run the graphic ad, sponsored by the Kelowna Right to Life Society, that shows a tiny severed hand and arm held up by an adult hand wearing a surgical glove.

Station general manager Dennis Gabelhouse said it was determined the ad's graphic content would likely run counter to national advertising standards.

Gabelhouse said it became a common-sense decision that the ad would not meet the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

The station manager said to his knowledge the ad has not run on any television station in North America. The ad was reportedly created by a group called New York Priests for Life and adapted for the Kelowna market.

Marlon Bartram, executive director of Kelowna Right to Life, criticized the decision, saying he understood fewer than 20 people had complained, and that the station was caving in to a handful of pro-choice activists.

According to, CHBC is willing to run other, less graphic ads for Right to Life.

You can see the ad at LifeShite if you've a taste for fetal pr0n.

And dig this further comment from Bartram:
“We received a number of comments saying (the ad) was not graphic, it was well done and even beautiful,” he told

Yup, that's my idea of beauty. A severed arm.

And these freaks have the gall to say that pro-choice people promote a Culture of Death.


Niles said...

Fewer than 20, which would be 19, if he's telling the truth at all, in a market the size of Kelowna, even before the ad was run. I have a close blood relation out there and if she and her friends saw that...or more importantly, their kids saw that...yeah, I'd be backpedaling away rapidly if I was the station powers too.

American made and no doubt funded there too, whatever they bluster.

Bina said...

One thing I always wonder when I hear of things like this is: How do these feto-fetishists get their hands on those tiny severed corpses, anyway? If they're against abortion, isn't handling such things like a sacrilege to them? If it's the genuine article, that is? (Not that they would actually be able to get any, mind you--unless they spend a lot of time trawling through medical waste. One would have to be awfully depraved to do that.)

Mandos said...

I believe they do, in fact, spend time trawling medical waste.

chris said...

The first picture to come up on the main page of canadianconservatives dot findyourownlink is...
It's part of a slideshow of our brave soldiers (sniff) and evil Muslims (cringe.) I wonder what the position is on evil Muslim abortion.

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