Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ready for His Close-Up.

Broadway show-tunes kidding aside, there's something about the depth of Stevie Spiteful's narcissism and his love affair with being photographed (unless of course he's attending to other err..., business) that reminded me of the current occupation of another prime minister.

Something that I read recently ... aha! Here it is!
At last we have found Tony Blair's core principles, his true ­beliefs, the real third way. It is handbags. He is in the final stages of negotiating a job with Louis ­Vuitton Moët Hennessey. It not so much a corporation as a posh-brand pile-up on Millionaire's Row. [...]
Will Harper's short-lived stint as a Canadian politician be worth only one small paragraph in his CV? Does he have an eye on more profitable ventures? Is he angling for work as a model for luxury goods? He may be in luck - no longer is it necessary to have a chiselled and buff body in order to be photographed hawking perfume or designer goods. If Photoshop can shave inches off the thighs of already anorexic catwalk models, think what they can do for Moby Steve.

Many people use politics as a means to land the job of their dreams. $arah Palin? Ya betcha! And also.

He's ready for his close-up Mr Ford.

Un grand merci to lagatta who brought the article about Tony Blair to my attention.

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