Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Re-arranging the deck chairs on the HMS Titanic

As C.C. points out in Doing the Harpo-Con shuffle, Harper's Most Spectacularly Titanical are being re-deployed, a few deserving the back benches of the House of Commons where the sun never shines and MPs get coal in their slippers at St-Nicholasmas.

So far, nothing indicates that the
Minister for Empty Suits is going to enjoy a come-back.

As for Lisa Raitt, I sure hope she didn't spend a whole lot of money on a designer wardrobe because the effect will be lost in the nosebleed section of the venues where the Owe-lympic events will be held.

Stevie Spiteful and his NEW! Improved! flock of Attack Parrots™© - another photo opportunity, at taxpayers' expense.

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