Tuesday, 12 January 2010

On a cold cold January day in Detroit ...

Just like the ReformaTories's diehard pro-prorogation supporters (read Canadian Cynic: Just wait until they can drown it in a bathtub.) the US rightwing socons who have joined the "Tea Party" are not the most coherent or unflappable citizens around. Even when they're armed with their thousand twinkling points of sound bites and their marching orders, they tend to get all belligerent-like.

blogger headed off to Detroit to participate in a demonstration in front of the Cobo Centre where a national Auto Show was being held. "Oh look!" he emphasized with a photograph, "We have a Black person joining us."

He posted YouTubes of his co-called interviews where he basically harangued union members and other supporters of healthcare reform by asking them the same question over and over again.

In spite of his demonstrably bullying tactics, he took great offense when he got called out as a teabagger. But he did get one positive comment from 'Anonymous' at his blogsite:

Wow, thanks for posting this. Great "on the scene" reporting. People like you amply demonstrate why the old media is irrelevant.
And while that observation should make us all stand prouder, that particular comment is, as they say, context-dependent.

More rightwingnuttiness update: Good catch by this blogger who monitors the teabaggers and their messaging. What is it about the healthcare reform in the US that lifted the rock underneath where all these mean-spirited and stupid people were hiding? Now they're in public view, basking in the glory of their wrong-headed self-righteousness.

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jj said...

BWAHAHA! These teabaggers get in a real huff about being called teabaggers. They started it, the dummies! Hahahaha

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