Friday 22 January 2010

Jack and Me

*sigh* I guess a pol is a pol is a pol. They can't help themselves.

Yesterday it was Iggy. Today it's Jack.

This is the message he sent out to NDP members:
Friends –

Three weeks ago, Stephen Harper locked the doors of Parliament and shut out your elected representatives.
Canadians are sick of the secrecy and arrogance. They’re tired of the old politics of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Canadians are turning to a new kind of politics. A grassroots politics on Facebook and in neighbourhoods, at town halls and rallies. The new politics is New Democrat politics.

Join our movement today.

Our solution to prorogation is simple. Prorogation should only happen after a vote in the House of Commons. We’ll work to make that the law.

And you can help New Democrats stand up to Harper. This Saturday, join us at one of dozens of anti-prorogation rallies across Canada.

Together we’ll send Stephen Harper a clear message – democracy works.
Jack Layton

Um, NOOOOO! The new politics is NOT NDP politics. The anti-prorogue movement is NOT your movement.

Retract it, Jack. And apologize for seeming to appropriate a grassrooots, non-partisan citizens' movement.

Or else you look as opportunistic as Iggy and the Libs.

And that ain't pretty.

P.S. You are welcome to join us tomorrow, though.

(I just sent Jack and Olivia -- my MP -- emails that say pretty much that. I'll report if/when I get a response.)


Anonymous said...

I too, find his hiJACKing of this movement offensive and have emailed my thoughts to Jack Layton. His support and attendance is welcome, but this is not a soap box for any party's political agenda.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask you a simple question?

If you find it distasteful that partisan politcians would seek your support, on line or by other means, then what is it about this particular Parliament that you admire so much that you want it returned?

Seriously. I dislike Jack Layton as much as the next person, but politicians reaching out to potential voters is a pretty basic concept in our democracy.

If you think politicans should apologize for asking for support from a group of politically motivated Canadians, then I fail to understand what the heck it is you're pretending to support.

fern hill said...

Of course politicians are free to support us. What they are NOT free to do is appropriate a grassroots citizens' movement for partisan purposes.

Read his message, Anonymous. He says, 'Join us', not 'we'll be joining in on the dozens of rallies across the country'.

It is not his, not the NDP's, not Iggy's, not the Liberals'.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter who takes ownership of the rallies against prorogation tomorrow? What really matters is that all of us who are upset with this join forces to send Harper and his minions a strong message that we do care, isn't it?

If the argument is that Harper will claim that the rallies were partisan because they were inspired and supported by the opposition parties, do you really believe that it would stop him from using some other line of attack if the opposition parties were not there? Recall the spin that this CAPP thing is supported only by the "elites"?

Remember, this is how Harper has been able to stay in power -- divide and rule !!!

fern hill said...

Stevie the Spiteful will do what Stevie the Spiteful always does.

And those pols who would claim ownership are helping him divide and rule.

The power of this group is not just its size -- which remains to be seen of course -- but its non-partisan nature. These really are ordinary Canadians of all political bents, from right across the country.

Democracy is much more than party politics. And this movement proves it.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Oh, gawd! I AM LIVID. When WILL the NDP stop with the OPPORTUNISM? Mr. Layton, let me share this sentiment with you, one I expressed to Michael Ignatieff yesterday: To hell with you! The CAPP movement is not YOUR movement or the movement of the NDP.

K E E P     Y O U R     F R I G G I N'     H A N D S     O F F     I T.

Anonymous said...

Fern Hill: I am Anon 2:09, not the other Anon

At a time like this, we should all focus on joining forces, period. BTW, I should point out that I do not belong to any political party at all.

I am not sure what you mean when you say that pols who claim ownership are helping him divide and rule.

Yes, this movement involves voters of all political stripes -- that is great. Democracy in our Parliamentary system is expressed through representation by our elected MPs. The large majority of these MPs are from the 4 major parties, thus whether we agree with it or not, party politics is the way our democracy is expressed/practised.

BTW again, my personal preferance is for MPs who represent their ridings, not their parties. I actually prefer "independents".

fern hill said...

I agree, Anon 2:09.

Sure, play party politics to get elected but once they are elected I want Parliamentarians to cooperate, to get things done, fix the pension system, support green and sustainable industries, you know, do things for us.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Anonymous, ownership of the cause matters. Canadians generally are expressing not just outrage at Harper's prorogation tactics, but also their frustration at not being heard. I'd liken political parties taking over grassroots movements to researchers who take the knowledge of people in poverty to write books and do presentations about them. In the meantime, those from whom they took that knowledge get, at best, $10 and are subsequently forgotten.

Mark Richard Francis said...

When you are leader of a political party, you represent private interests, so you are going to put those interests first. These guys almost can't help themselves.

The movement must stay non-partisan. The second it aligns or seems to align with any political party, it's finished.

It must remain issue-based and grassroots-based

Anonymous said...

Fern Hill: Glad we agree on the essential points.

Chrystal Ocean: To those of us who have been paying attention, it is already very clear that CAPP was started by non-partisans. Many articles in the MSM, and in the blogs, have also made this point abundantly clear.

I would argue that the fact that both the Lib and NDP apparently are trying to capitalize on this event, which again was initiated as a non-partisan grassroots movement, is actually an indication of its success already. HOWEVER,WE ARE NOT THERE YET (no offence with the caps, just for emphasis only).

It would appear that there are forces out there who are ready to proclaim CAPP's initiative a failure (e.g. if they do not see a lot of bodies there tomorrow). My point is this: let us put aside "ownership" for now, join forces and focus on showing this undemocratic govt that we care.


fern hill said...

Well, Anon, unlike some, most of us can walk and chew gum. So I'll be there tomorrow and continue to argue for the movement's non-partisanship.

I won't boo any pols that show up, unless, of course, they say something dunderheaded like 'Join our movement'.

chris said...

Agree 100%, Fern. although as I was reading I did think it would be nice if Jack and Iggy would take ownership of the fact that this is their fault. Just a thought...

Also this:"Canadians are turning to a new kind of politics."

Really, Jack? So who were the 127,000 FBers against the coalition? You know, the one that caused the synchronised pants wetting in '08?

(BTW does anyone remember if Harper took any credit for that?

I vote NDP because I live in Nova Scotia and I get jack for it every time.

chris said...

Politicians in general.

David Ross Mann said...

"the message he sent out to NDP members"

So it is one new democrat communicating with other new democrats. When Jack say's "Our Movement" he clearly means NDPers supporting CAPP, he is not saying NDP owns CAPP. That's twisting his words. If he said it at a public rally in which the public is invited to a non-partisan event you might have something. Instead this page is just another example of an allegedly non-partisan commentator working for the Libs. That is what I see.

fern hill said...

Oy, more of this 'if you're against prorogation, you must be a Liberal plant' crap.

It may surprise you to know, Dave, that I am an NDP member and have voted NDP for my entire voting career.

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