Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ignatieff Responds to CAPP

An open letter to the members of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. (I put that [you] in the second para.)
To the members of CAPP,

This Saturday, January 23, thousands of Canadians will attend anti-prorogation rallies organized by the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP) Facebook group. They won’t be going as Liberals or New Democrats, as Bloc Québécois, Conservatives or Greens. They’ll be going as Canadian citizens, united in their opposition to Stephen Harper’s shut down of Parliament. That will happen because one of you had the courage to stand up in protest – and then another, and another, and another.

I want [you] to know how heartened I am by the mere existence of this group – the largest spontaneous online political movement we’ve seen yet in this new digital age of politics in Canada. I am heartened because the vitality of our democracy depends on the participation of its citizens, regardless of their political stripes. And your efforts and your numbers – over 200,000 of you so far – proves that Canadians truly are standing guard over our democratic traditions and institutions.

Some dismiss your efforts as nothing more than a click of a button. They are wrong. I know that your organizers have been volunteering their own time for several weeks to prepare Saturday’s rallies. And I know that thousands of you will be taking time off school and work, or away from your families to attend them. Anyone who pretends that those sacrifices don’t count is highly mistaken.

When this group first formed, your rallying cry was “Get back to work.” Well, on January 25, the day Parliament was set to resume, my entire caucus will be back on Parliament Hill for several weeks of roundtables and working sessions on job creation, veterans affairs, the environment, health – issues you care about. Issues that can’t wait.

And this Thursday, January 21, from 3 - 4pm EST, I will be holding an online town hall on my Facebook page. It’s part of a national conversation about this country’s future that includes all Canadians and recognizes the importance of open and honest debate. I encourage all members of CAPP to join us on I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

When Stephen Harper shut down Parliament on December 30, he was counting on Canadians’ reacting with cynicism and indifference. You showed him that’s not who we are. You showed him that Canadians believe in their institutions and have clear, common sense expectations of their politicians: Get to work, work together and get the job done. It’s what’s expected of every Canadian all day long, and politicians should not live by a different set of rules.

I hope your important work these past few weeks means Stephen Harper gets that message loud and clear this Saturday.

Michael Ignatieff

Be there or be square. (All this talk of protest has knocked my slang back about 40 years.)

My question: Will you work towards a coalition?

My real question: Do you think you can grow a pair before Parliament comes back to work?

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament membership now over 206,500.


fern hill said...

I just deleted a comment from Twatsy.

Get a clue, Twatsy, you are not welcome here.

Chrystal Ocean said...

About those dismissing CAPP, there's one Patrick Ross, commenting over at my place. Persistent bugger. Sounds very like a certain Mr. Taylor. Had those same numbers been applicable to the Conservatives or to a Conservative cause (is there such a thing?) I suspect he'd be singing a different tune.

Christian said...

You've come a long way since telling him and all Liberals to fuck off.

fern hill said...

Christian: I haven't moved an inch. This is a report, not an endorsement.

I still don't like Iggy and most of the Liberals. When I told him and them to fuck off, it was because they were being -- so typically for them -- opportunistic and trying to hijack a grassroots movement.

And, if you'll recall, I said I would acknowledge their backing off if and when they explicitly did so. They did and I did.

Maybe that helped them learned a lesson. They seem more respectful this time.

I'm just reporting the opportunity for people to ask him questions.

REPEATING for the hard of thinking: This is NOT any kind of endorsement of the Liberals.

fern hill said...

Oy, Chrystal, Twatsy, aka Splatrick, is being relatively reasonable at your place.

Don't be fooled.

dBO and I have decided that he is not welcome here.

Go read Canadian Cynic about him and his lies, distortions, cowardliness, etc. etc.

He's just not worth the space.

Christian said...

I am fully aware that you would never endorse the evil Liberals. I was simply surprised that you put your self righteous attitude aside and posted something other than venom towards a Liberal, that's all.

deBeauxOs said...

Funny how any criticism of Iggy or the Libruls is called venom, but members of your party consider it open hunting season on the Bloc and the NDP all the time, especially since Iggy terminated the Coalition.

Christian said...

You know what is really funny, deBeauxOs? The fact that you think I belong to one party. Furthermore, I have never criticized the Bloc. Perhaps you could keep your stereotypes to a minimum?

I have thrown out some lighthearted criticism toward the NDP, but that was simply out of frustration from all the Liberal bashing.

Headlines like Fuck Off Liberals, The Liberals Want To Kill Colombians, shit like that. After awhile, it becomes really irritating.

I just don't understand why those of us on the progressive side have to tear each other down, all that does is give the cons an easy path to victory.

Christian said...


Kudos, fern, for posting something positive, must have been hell. :)

fern hill said...

Christian: I don't know you from Adam. Or Eve, for that matter. Yet you have characterized me as 'self-righteous' and venomous towards Liberals.

Apart from my Fuck Right Off Iggy Post, where have I been venomous towards Liberals?

And this is just precious: 'I just don't understand why those of us on the progressive side have to tear each other down, all that does is give the cons an easy path to victory.'

Venom? Self-righteous? Your words.

Concern troll. You are on Prog Blogs?

Fuck. Another boyo. Can't handle wimmin with opinions.

fern hill said...

I wrote that. Then approved Christian's P.S.

Christian: You are well named.

Christian said...

Venom? What venom?

fern said: Fuck. Another boyo. Can't handle wimmin with opinions.

rrrright fern, now I hate women. pathetic.

deBeauxOs said...

Good grief. Fortunately I know from experience not all Librul supporters are hostile little dickheads, as you seem to be Christian, judging from your behaviour and words.

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