Sunday, 10 January 2010

CAPP for Coalition?

I floated this idea on the Facebook wall, but things are still moving there at lightning speed and no one responded.

So far, no opposition leader has taken notice of the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP) movement.

I proposed that whichever of Layton or Ignatieff publicly announces that he and his party fully supports CAPP, that he's ready to work with the other party leader (and the Bloc) to form a coalition, and that he'll organize a non-confidence vote at the earliest opportunity gets ALL of CAPP's support.

And that all -- at the moment over 140,000 -- CAPPers go out and work their butts off for that party and the coalition.

Personally, while I'd have to hold my nose to vote or work for Iggy and many Liberals, I'd do it to get the Refomathugs out of MY government.

Realistically, it can't be May. And logistically, it can't be Duceppe.

What think?


Skinny Dipper said...

Interesting idea. However, I think Harper would race to the GG's door (or have her on speed dial) and ask for the dissolution of Parliament in which the GG would grant an election.

fern hill said...

Yeah, I suppose. But imagine the optics of that. GG as Harper's poodle. Could work splendidly against the Reformatories.

Kim said...

I think it may be the option too, but can the parties back off their ego's long enough to hammer something out? Interesting times, eh?

Thor said...

Great idea. I'm all for it. But yes, we now know that the GG is Harper's lapdog, so it would force an election.

WILLY said...

In the past the only way a minority government could function was based on cooperation or support from a third party (a coalition if you like) and other minority governments did that, passing laws and bringing change to the country, i.e. universal healthcare.

Harper's ARROGANCE to not work with the other parties and then even attack them for political gain when they voted with his party is the reason for his dysfunctional governance.

The best we can hope for with CAPP is that more Canadians realize that the problem is HARPER and that it is time to give another party the opportunity to form a minority government.

Coming forth with a pledge to set new rules for the use of prorogation and votes of confidence to eliminate this abuse of power should appeal to a large number of the CAPP. It would mean that when we elect the next minority government they will have to put forth laws, that the majority of parliament agrees with.

So maybe not a formal coalition like they did last year as it is just to easy to attack but a pledge to remove the opportunity for abuse and actually work within our parliamentary system might be a good start.

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