Monday, 18 January 2010

The Bloggers Who Were Reluctant to Join Facebook But Did Group

So far, it's a pretty exclusive club. Just moi, Chrystal Ocean of Challenging the Commonplace, Willy Loman, and JJ the Unrepentant.

We joined (or, in JJ's case, reactivated her account at) Facebook to get in on the action at the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament group.

I'd set up the group actually at Facebook but for two things: a) it seems like work, and b) it would be kinda impolite to use FB space to diss FB.

So I'm starting the group here.

Who's in?


deBeauxOs said...

I'd join but I'm a member of an even more exclusive group, "Bloggers who are Against the Proroguing of Parliament But Still Won't Join Facebook©™".

Call me ornery. Or loathing the term "friending" so much that it represents a MASSIVE obstacle to registering at FB.

Though I am attending the Rally on Jan 23rd since that involves actual face to face IRL alliance building.

terraderma said...

I'm with deBeauxOs. A Facebook profile sticks around long after one's done something unconscionable. With this government, that's all I'd need......

fern hill said...

Heh. Not soooo exclusive then, dBO?

I registered, if that's the right word, under mon nom de blogue and put absolutely nothing in any of the info boxes.

That identity comes back to this identity and that's it.

If I'm missing something, I'd like to know what.

But I do agree with dBO, 'friend' as a verb is totally unacceptable.

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