Sunday 20 December 2009

Toews on message; Kenney not so much.

When we posted this, it appeared at the time that the ReformaTories were going overboard in their efforts to tar, feather and ride KAIROS out of any future international development projects.

Since the Con s--t hit the fan, more information has trickled out.

First it appears that Kenney either mispoke or deliberately lied when he conflated KAIROS with Kairos.

And it appears that Toews, MP for Provencher/Bible Belt, has revealed in his homespun way, the ReformaTory template for decades to come. Funny how "accountability" has become an urgent and primordial concern with regards to policing organizations that do not share the same fundamentalist religious ideology that the ReformaTories are trying to impose on Canada.

C.C. illustrates what those who shape policy in the PMO believe, here. Montreal Simon directs us to this Toronto Star article. The implications for Canadian secular institutions, and those who do not cleave to the christian theocratic agenda are ominous.

Some choice quotes from Darrel Reid:

"Only God can make Canada a truly Christian country... We are called to speak biblical truth to seek justice – and that obviously has implications for our political life."

"Welfare provides incentives for single moms to have another child and to avoid marriage."

"I think every Christian is under an obligation to change laws to reflect biblical

Let me repeat that quote from Reid:
"I think every Christian is under an obligation to change laws to reflect biblical values."

What's next for Canada then? Biblical Christian sharia laws engineered by Reid and Paul Wilson?


CanNurse said...

THanks, Janet! Exactly what is behind all this "new anti-semitic" & pro-Zionism action of the FedCons? I suspect they are possibly following the evangelical belief in cultivating Israel to bring about the End Times, as they call them. I know it sounds bizarre, but I know a few of them who go to the same churches as Harper & Kenney, & this seems to be what they believe. (Of course, at the Rapture, they believe only the Christians - and only certain kinds of Christians - are transported directly to Heaven. The Jews are stuck down here with anybody else who wasn't "born again".)

Luna said...

Oh. My. God. This is friggin' insane. Insane, I tell you.

"I think every Christian is under an obligation to change laws to reflect biblical values."

Uh, where in the bible is he reading that?! In fact, Jesus didn't seem to have any trouble with the fact that religious law and Roman law weren't always compatible.

Kairos was a lovely program. I worked to support it myself. It was ecumenical and didn't require anything AT ALL of the beneficiaries. It went out of the way to teach people in wealthy churches here in Canada just what poverty means.

The Harperites must be stopped.

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