Monday, 26 October 2009

Where was the rightwing outrage when pregnant woman was stabbed to death?

Rightwing fundamentalist religious neocons and the usual strident foetishists are still silent and have managed to stifle their habitual shrieeeks of outrage regarding an 'illegal abortion' that took place in a German court-room last July.

Might it be the fact, now entered in evidence at
the trial of Alex W that the vessel for The Fetus©™ was a Muslim woman, and the reason for their MASSIVE silence?

Could it be that islamophobes Mark Steyn Kathy Shaidle and their sycophants cannot find any personal profit or professional advantage in publicly denouncing the ignomy of this "honour" killing?

The case began with an argument in a playground in 2008.

Ms Sherbini, a pharmacist, is said to have asked the defendant to let her child use a playground swing he was sitting on. He allegedly refused and instead called her abusive names.

She later took the defendant to court and he was fined 780 euros ($1,170; £718) for defamation. But when he returned to the courtroom for the appeal on 1 July this year, prosecutors say he smuggled in an 18cm (7in) kitchen knife and stabbed Ms Sherbini at least 16 times with it. The 31-year-old, who was three-months pregnant with her second child, bled to death in full view of her husband and their three-year-old son.

Ironically, the Germans have now over-compensated for the lax security that allowed the alleged assailant Alex W. to bring a weapon into the courtroom. They have deployed 200 police officers at the Dresden courthouse to protect the defendant.


CK said...

Another classic example of the irony of Pro-lifers.

I also don't get why the Germans go out of their way to protect this thug. I mean covering his identity? For what? He's no minor.

I noticed something in an old Stageleft posting:
where that Wendy Sullivan, from girlontheright actually flew to Dresden to award this thug with a plaque and a t-shirt. Man, some piece of work that one is!!

JJ said...

I'm sure Big Blue Fetus must have posted about it. You've probably just missed her blogpost because you're looking for the wrong title. It wouldn't be "Woman murdered", it would be "Unborn Child Murdered when fetal support system stabbed 16 times".

Bina said...

The use of a first name and last initial is commonplace throughout the German media. Everyone who's not a public figure is identified that way. It's a good way of protecting victims of crime, or people who could lose their jobs. But the convention is also applied to criminals and accused criminals as a matter of uniformity. It's not a special protection extended only to them--anyone in Germany who's not already well known is covered under this convention. Private citizens tend to remain private unless something extraordinary happens, such as a murder like this one, or the extended sexual abuse of Elisabeth Fritzl. In which case, public sympathy is so overwhelmingly on the side of the victims that anonymity becomes impossible.

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